Inside PIHRA RealHR – Preventing HR Burnout & Empowering HR

Inside PIHRA’s #RealHR Event – Empowering HR & Preventing HR Burnout

PIHRA #RealHR, March 5 - Preventing HR Burnout

In our last RealHR post, we dove into the cost of HR burnout and why it’s worth taking extra measures to prevent. We recommend attending our curated event for senior HR professionals aptly named RealHR – Who Cares About HR? as a next step to prevent HR burnout. If you’re still not sure what this RealHR event is all about, we’ve got a treat for you! In today’s video post, you’ll hear directly from PIHRA staff event organizers who created this event for you. Learn why this event exists, what it involves, and most importantly, why you should be there.