Why We Need Better Tools to Prevent HR Burnout

Why We Need Better Tools to Prevent HR Burnout

PIHRA #RealHR, March 5 - Undo the Stress of HR

Are you part of the 50% in HR that experience extreme stress at least once a month?

We’ll put it differently. How many of these signs of HR burnout apply to you? These include working more overtime hours than usual, working over the weekends, mood swings, irritability, decrease in quality of work, less socializing, increased isolation, fatigue, increased use of sick or personal days, disengagement, and unusual sensitivity.  

Sure, nobody enjoys feeling stressed, but life is full of things we don’t enjoy, isn’t it? Highly-functional, serially stressed HR executives may have simply accepted this level of stress as inevitable. But beyond how we feel, there is a compelling, viable business case for a new perspective on HR wellness.

Burnout is a massive financial burden for employers, causing increased health costs of $125 to $190 billion per year attributed to workplace stress (Harvard Business School Working Knowledge). In a corporate world of the stressed leading the stressed, it’s up to HR to break the cycle and develop the crucial tools to combat our own personal stress before we can equip the rest of our organization to do the same.

That’s why we’re thrilled to feature one of our outstanding PIHRA RealHR Riverside presenters, Jennifer Cassetta, on the blog today. A nationally recognized health and empowerment coach who has traveled the globe speaking to audiences on “The Art of Badassery,” Jennifer rocks a 3rd degree black belt, Master’s degree in Nutrition and 18 years of coaching experience fusing ancient wisdom of martial arts with busy, modern professionals in mind.

You may have seen her on The Today Show, The Doctors or Rachel Ray. Her first book, Hear Me Roar: How to Defend Your Mind, Body and Heart Against People Who Suck, sits on the bookshelves of college women everywhere. She provides corporate wellness programming that helps people feel strong, safe and powerful from the streets to the boardroom. Please enjoy a sneak peek of the fire she’s bringing to PIHRA RealHR Riverside Who Cares About HR? event next week!

Getting #RealHR with Jennifer Cassetta

Jennifer Cassetta, PIHRA RealHR Riverside SpeakerBurnout is real. It sneaks up on us after years of dealing with other people’s wellbeing first and ignoring our own needs. It zaps us of our physical energy, mental clarity and hopeful spirit. It’s a drag, but the good news is, it’s preventable. With a holistic self care plan in place, burnout can not only be prevented, but you can achieve the confidence, health and badassery that you deserve.

As an HR professional, it’s my guess is that you got into this line of work because you like taking care of people. Nurturing, coaching and caring is part of your DNA. In order for you to level up at your job, you’ll need to turn some of that awesomeness inward. It’s time to put your oxygen mask on first before attending to your people.

There’s no magic hour in the day.

There is no magic hour in the day that will appear for you to take care of yourself and that’s why it’s imperative to build wellbeing into your environment at workplace. You are the leader building a community of wellness warriors. Sound good but not sure where to begin? Clear your calendars for PIHRA RealHR Riverside – Who Cares About HR? on Thursday, March 5th, where we will be talking about how to instill a wellbeing mindset into your workplace to enhance the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of YOU and your team.

Learn how to starve the stress cycle from 18 years of expertise.

I’m bringing my 18 years of coaching experience, nutrition expertise and 3rd degree black belt in martial arts to the stage to share tips and tricks that have helped my corporate clients develop an environment of happy, healthy and confident employees. I focus on helping my clientele build mental muscles, physical strength and a spirit of badassery.  

On March 5th, I’ll be focusing on how to fuel your mind, body and spirit with practices that starve the stress cycle. You’ll learn how foods like caffeine and sugar are robbing you of your energy, confidence and your happiness. Learn what foods support energy levels, focus and optimism. Get your heart rate up for a minute of fitting fitness in while learning the benefits of intermittent exercise.

And yes, all of this in just 10 minutes during the event! But luckily, we’ll be having a panel discussion where you can ask all of your corporate wellness questions to myself and the other experts, Mike Warren and Dr, Ashley Zucker.

There’s no substitute for human connection.

Wellness experts are all over the internet, but honestly, why would you spend more time staring at a screen when you could attend this one-of-a-kind event?

Simply attending RealHR Riverside next Thursday, March 5 will put you on the path of reducing your stress by reducing your isolation, and increasing your social connections. Meet other senior HR leaders who understand your life more than your family ever could. Enjoy a deliciously healthful meal and drinks catered by Asian Box with a vibrant community.

Carve out this crucial space for yourself – you deserve it. You’ll leave better equipped than ever to manage your stress, and coach others effectively to prevent burnout in your workplace.

Register today to join us!


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