Volunteer Opportunities

Hone Your Leadership Skills

It is a well-known fact that the most powerful way to develop as a leader is to volunteer. PIHRA provides members with opportunities to hone their leadership skills through volunteerism in various functional areas at our 18 chapters, three specialty groups and at the executive board level. Our leaders gain visibility in the community and the skills necessary to advance their career. Find out more about growing your career through volunteerism. 

PIHRA has a variety of opportunities for you to choose from based on your preferred type of involvement and time commitment.  Volunteer opportunities can span several weeks to several years – it’s all up to you. PIHRA needs your talent and time to provide communities, professional development, and resources to advance human resource professionals in California.


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2023 Nominations Committee

PIHRA cannot do all that it does without its trusted volunteer corps. PIHRA is pleased to announce the 2023 Nominations Committee. This committee is responsible for leading and executing the PIHRA board officer and chapter level nominations and election process. They will be working as a team along with our communities to help take the association forward and answer any questions the PIHRA community may have with respect to governance and  volunteer leadership.

Questions? Please email centralregionrep@pihra.org to contact the 2023 Chair of the Nominations Committee with questions.

Ways to Volunteer with PIHRA

Committee Position

Typically, these are short term commitments serving on a committee connected with the PIHRA board, a PIHRA Chapter board or a PIHRA specialty group (i.e., PIHRA Emerging Leaders). As a committee volunteer, you will have an opportunity to contribute your expertise, strength and passion in an area that you select such as programs/professional development, membership recruitment or engagement, event coordination and sponsorship management.

Chapter Board Member

As a current, voting member of PIHRA, you can assume a formal officer position on the board of one of our 18 chapters. Each of our communities has a  board which consists of the key positions listed below. These positions are usually a one year commitment and are appointed or elected by the Chair or the existing chapter board members.

In contrast, the chair and vice chair positions of each PIHRA chapter board are elected by the chapter’s membership. The nominations process for these positions typically takes place in August/September and elections occur in September/October.

The additional board positions available are discussed throughout the year and selections typically occur during the October- December time frame at the chapter level.

PIHRA Board of Directors

As a current, voting member of PIHRA, you can also decide to run for a position on the PIHRA Board of Directors. These positions are typically a two-year commitment. Some of the roles that are available include:


Vice President



Regional Representative

There are also standing committee chair positions that are available in Programs (Professional Development), Membership Development, Government Affairs, College Relations and Emerging Leaders.

Candidate Eligibility

To be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, the individual must be a current voting PIHRA member in good standing and have previously served or currently serving in any one of the following positions:

A voting member of the PIHRA Board

A voting member of a PIHRA Chapter Board

A member of a standing committee or an ad hoc committee of the Board of Directors

The PIHRA board of director nominations process has begun.  The election will occur in October 2023. See below for details!

2024-26 PIHRA Board of Directors Election


If you meet the eligibility requirements listed above, please consider applying to any of our open positions before Monday, October 16, 2023.

  • Treasurer (2-year term)
  • Secretary (2-year term)
  • Regional Representatives (2-year term)
      • Northern Region – Ventura County, Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley
      • Central Region – Los Angeles, Inland Valley, and Gateway Cities
      • Southern Region – North OC, South OC, and North San Diego County

Executive Board Forms & Documents:

2023 Nomination Form Treasurer, Secretary and Regional Representatives 

2023 Board Conflict of Interest Form (PDF)

2023 Board Commitment Form (PDF)

Send your completed Board of Director Nominations Form to Lauren Sweeney at centralregionrep@pihra.org by Monday, October 16, 2023.


It is time for PIHRA Chapters to begin the nominations process for chapter officers. The only positions elected by chapter members are the Chair and Vice Chair. All other positions are typically appointed by the Chair.

Chapter members will participate in an election at the end of October 2023 to elect their Chair and Vice Chair.

Chapter Nominations Form for Chair & Vice Chair positions:

If you’re interested in the chapter chair or vice chair position, please submit the nominations form by Wednesday, October 25, 2023.

2024 Chapter Chair and Vice Chair Nominations Form (PDF)

Please do not hesitate to reach out to  Lauren Sweeney at centralregionrep@pihra.org or Member Services at membership@pihra.org if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Below are brief summaries describing each of the chapter board roles.


The chair presides at all chapter meetings and communicates with chapter leaders and board committees during the month to ensure responsibilities are being handled effectively.

Vice Chair

The vice chair serves in the absence of the chair covering all of the chair responsibilities, as necessary. The vice chair  is responsible for closely monitoring the activities of the chapter committees and assisting as needed in all areas.


The secretary takes minutes of all chapter board meetings and provides notice of meeting dates and times to chapter leaders. Maintains the current administrative files of the chapter including historic files.


The treasurer is responsible for all aspects of the financial functions of the chapter including accounts payable, record keeping, collection of fees, creation of monthly financial documents and tracking and reporting of all credit card use.

Membership Development

Responsible for annual recruitment and retention efforts of the chapter, including the implementation of the campaigns developed at the association level. Participates in the monthly/bimonthly PIHRA membership chair call (30 minutes).


Has the responsibility for the development of all chapter programs. Work closely with the chapter leadership and the PIHRA Home Office Programs Team to ensure that relevant topics and speakers are selected for presentation. Participates in the PIHRA program chair calls (30 minutes).

Social Media & Communications

This position is responsible for ensuring that PIHRA chapter activities  and achievements are well-presented on all of PIHRA’s social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram). Observes marketing, communications and social media best practices by participating in the monthly/bimonthly PIHRA Social Media & Communications Call (30 min).


This position is responsible for the selection of monthly meetings locations and coordinates menu selections.


The sponsorship chair is responsible for developing effective and values-centered sponsorship opportunities.  Seeks organizations which support the chapter in their meeting and education efforts.




Speaking at PIHRA

There are numerous benefits to speaking at PIHRA events, including exposure to a wide audience of Human Resources and business decision makers, and positioning yourself as an expert among your peers. PIHRA welcomes presentation proposals from professionals with expertise in Human Resources and those who are committed to advancing the HR profession.


Speaking Opportunities

PIHRA will accept submissions from speakers for all programs, except CAHR, on a rolling basis.

Chapter Meetings 


Annual California Employment Law Update (#CELU)

HR Power Series

#RealHR Interactive Panel Collaborations

Annual California HR Conference

Speakers who wish to submit a proposal for CAHR must do so separate from our general speaker submission form. The CAHR24 submission form deadline is Friday, January 19.


Speaker Tips & Presentation Guidelines

For all programs, speaker proposals are reviewed and selected by a committee of volunteer HR professionals according to the evaluation criteria below:


We are seeking speakers and content that are:

ORIGINAL – (new/original proposals are prioritized over previously selected ones)

ENGAGING – Does your session title get people’s attention?

CURRENT – Demonstration of knowledge of current hot topics, trends and laws (as applicable)

TANGIBLE – Well-defined focus, clearly listing a minimum of 3 key takeaways/learning objectives

PRACTICAL – Practical ideas and application of material without the promotion or advertising of your company’s products/services – the audience wants to hear your expertise not a sales pitch

IMPACTFUL – Ability to deliver an innovative, impactful, and stimulating presentation

INFLUENTAL – Do you have a large social media following? Have you authored a book?

Presentation Guidelines

Power Point is the required format in 16:9 perspectives (widescreen)

Provide tangible and actionable takeaways in addition to the PowerPoint presentation. A great presentation includes links to worksheets/tips/tools for the audience.

Less is more- keep your slides simple with impactful images, texts and charts

Leverage multi-media sources such as video, polls, music, visual aids to get your point across and engage the audience


Frequently Asked Questions

How to do I best engage the audience?

Tell great stories! People tend to remember stories that are personal and told well.

Context is important (industry company size) but make sure it connects to the overall point you are trying to make. Too many irrelevant details detract from an impactful story. When appropriate, let the audience engage with you in Q&A. Encourage interactions between audience members with roundtable discussions or activities. Ensure you are clear on learning objectives stated at the beginning and summarize before you close out the session.

What format should I use for my presentation?

Microsoft Power Point is the required presentation software used by all PIHRA programs and files should be in .ppt or .pptx. Be sure your deck is set to 16:9 perspective (widescreen).

How do I obtain HR recertification credit for my session?

Obtaining HRCI and SHRM recertification credit is the responsibility of PIHRA.

However, for us to submit your session to obtain the recertification credit, it needs to be an educational session of interest and applicability for HR professionals. It should provide educational professional development and contain a minimum of 3 key learning objectives/audience takeaways, which would make the program eligible for general credit.

Do I get the attendee list if I speak?

We reserve our attendee lists for those who sponsor speaking opportunities and events.

How do I get the attention of various chapters for speaking opportunities?

Be proactive by attending their events and networking. Make yourself known.

I’ve submitted a proposal to speak at CAHR multiple times. What do I need to do to get chosen?

PIHRA has a strong response to our call for presentations for CAHR. We often have over 400 submissions and our selection committee is responsible for narrowing it down to less than 40.

The primary goal of the selection committee is to provide conference participants “plus one” in value. They are responsible to fill various tracks – strategic HR, CA legislation, leadership, HR Dept. of One, DEI, etc. Additionally, they are tasked with accommodating attendees with differing degrees of expertise, from beginning to mid-level to senior level.

See our “TIPS” above to gain a better understanding of what you can do to stand out.


Will my presentation be recorded?

Webinar presentations are recorded, and some in-person presentations are recorded. For those that are, we are happy to provide a link to the recording.