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October President's Message

Dear PIHRA Members:

After chatting with many of our members about their career aspirations, I posed a couple of questions to myself:  “Is PIHRA doing all it can to help HR professionals move to the next level in their careers?”  “What resources and skills do HR professionals need to ensure they have a ‘seat at the table'?” 

PIHRA members often tell me they are spending an increasing amount of time on compliance, and these days it is all too easy for HR professionals to get bogged down in the intricacies of the laws and regulations that govern the workplace.  However, many (if not most) HR professionals would like to shift the focus of their careers from compliance to strategy. 

It turns out, CEOs would like to see HR focus on the same thing.  “[CEOs] expect you to bring your HR functional expertise, but above all they expect you to be a ‘corporate director' like any of their other direct reports.  They expect you to contribute...


2016 California HR Conference

Stay current in your field and advance your career by attending the largest California continuing education and networking conference. 

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Why be a PIHRA Member?

Listen to our long-term members take the PIHRA Confetti Challenge! Our PIHRA members are proud of being so, and find significant value from their membership. Many find the most value in meeting other HR professionals to help them answer questions, and the opportunity to hone their leadership skills as volunteer leaders. Join Now!

HR Certification

There are a number of advantages to obtaining your certification. In addition to being a public recognition of professional achievement, certification shows mastery of our field and a commitment to staying informed of new developments.

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Ask an HR Advisor

Your questions are answered live over the phone by certified HR professionals.

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