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Hello my PIHRA Friends. I hope everyone has had a great month!! 
First I want to share some great news. Today we have a new PIHRA District. It is the Gateway Cities District. It will be serving cities such as Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, City of Commerce, Pico Rivera, El Monte, Cypress, Cerritos, Bell Gardens just to name a few. Their first meeting is October 8 in Cerritos. Their meetings will be on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Keep on the lookout for future meetings. We now have 17 Districts and we continue to grow.
This month I would discuss something I read from one of our last years Keynote speakers, Stedman Graham. In his book “Identity, Your Passport to Success”, he discusses his 9 step process. I want to discuss Step 1 “Check Your ID”. Mr. Graham mentions the following: 
“Before you decide what you want for your life, you must first understand who you are, what the influences are on your life, and why you think and act the way you do.  Self-awareness is where success begins. It is difficult to understand the world and how you respond to it until you first know yourself. What are your strengths? What moves you forward? What are your weaknesses? What holds you back? What are your patterns of behavior? What are your passions? Sometimes the biggest obstacles to success are those that we unconsciously put in our own paths. Past hurts, business or career downfalls, and negative attitudes hold you back. Learn from the bad experiences and failures and let them go. Focus your life on what you love and care about, and you will never work a day in your life.”
It is never too late to make changes in your life to be successful. We as HR Professionals need to be that role model for those that we can influence. I have been most successful in my life when I have humbled myself and realize what my strength and weaknesses are and surround myself with those people that will assist me in my successes (Step 7 in Mr. Graham’s book). Never give up your dreams and do whatever you can to make your dreams happen.
Have a great month!!!
Wayne L. Munyer, PHR
2013-14 Volunteer President

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