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January President's Message

Dear PIHRA Members:

New year, new laws.  The start of the year typically means updating employee handbooks, posting new notices, and making certain we understand all the legal changes (and challenges) brought about by Congress and our elected representatives in Sacramento.  As a result, January is always a busy month.

PIHRA is here to help.  Our outstanding Legal Updates (this year they are being held in Riverside, Pasadena, and Anaheim) provide members with an opportunity to learn about the latest legal developments from top notch employment lawyers.  The speakers provide not only thorough explanations of the technical aspects of the law, but essential tips and best practices to take back to your office and put into practice.

January is also a time for resolutions.  My list includes goals for PIHRA, my business, and my personal life.  Some I will keep (most, I hope), and some I probably won’t.  But without plans, we remain in status quo, and that is not where most of us really want to be...  

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2016 California HR Conference

Stay current in your field and advance your career by attending the largest California continuing education and networking conference. 

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Listen to our long-term members take the PIHRA Confetti Challenge! Our PIHRA members are proud of being so, and find significant value from their membership. Many find the most value in meeting other HR professionals to help them answer questions, and the opportunity to hone their leadership skills as volunteer leaders. Join Now!

HR Certification

There are a number of advantages to obtaining your certification. In addition to being a public recognition of professional achievement, certification shows mastery of our field and a commitment to staying informed of new developments.

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