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PIHRA California Lutheran University

About Us:

We are the Professionals in Human Resources Association, California Lutheran University (PIHRA Cal Lutheran) chapter, a group of students and alumni who are determined to collaborate and stay on top of the human resource profession. Business management and strategies, employment laws, and human resource development are a few topics we may cover. Join us in our continuous enhancement of the profession through networking, learning, and advocacy. Together we make a difference.



People from all walks of life make up our group, and are welcomed to join us. We may all come from different backgrounds, but our commonality in our work ethic allows us to respect one another and be proud of what we do.


Mission Statement:

To provide students and alumni networking, learning and advocacy opportunities within the human resource industry. We do this by organizing social and educational meetings that keep our members at the forefront of changes in the profession.


  • Connect with HR Professionals in your area and make the contacts today that will help you find your next job
  • Learn the latest in HR by attending PIHRA monthly meetings and participating in free monthly webinars
  • Access a variety of HR tools for your school and work assignments, such as sample forms, job descriptions, company policies and more
  • Develop your leadership skills through the experience of establishing an organization on campus
  • Opportunities to receive PIHRA Foundation Scholarships
  • Save money when you enroll in HR Certification Preparation Courses

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Our Values


Listening to each other is more than an important learning event; It is a valuable and exciting experience. By listening, we learn. With additional knowledge comes greater power.



Understanding brings a sense of order and reason for our actions. As we learn to understand the changes in the profession, as well as our group, we pave the path for PIHRA Cal Lutheran’s continuous success.



We have pride in what we collaborate to the group. Together we optimize PIHRA Cal Lutheran in its mission. We know that we are what makes PIHRA Cal Lutheran a success.



Although many fear change, we embrace it. We are aware that some of us will graduate, and our roles will change within the group, but our mission remains the same. We view change as a wondrous adventure, not an imposition. We change to meet the needs of PIHRA Cal Lutheran.



Contact Information

For additional information, please contact us at

President:   Jacqueline Avalos

Vice President:   Joelle Debeaumont

Treasurer:   Kaylee Guzman

Secretary:   Coriandra Wood

Faculty Advisor:   Loredana Carson

Co-Faculty Advisor:   Gregory Amanita