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High-Impact Retention Strategies for a High Turnover World

Hiring in the last year has been one of the biggest challenges facing businesses, largely due to the complexities brought on because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are having a hard time finding people to fill positions, retaining current employees, and retaining them once they’re onboarded, resulting in a U.S. labor shortage unlike any other we’ve seen in the past.

#RealHR: COVID-19 and the Future of Work: What HR Needs Now

Examine current and future California and Federal legal implications of the pandemic and workplace centered vaccination

A NEW HR Conversation on Diversity with Tiana Sanchez & Dr. Natalie Parks

Do you want to examine emerging issues on diversity and race and their impact on HR and organizational culture? View this COMPLIMENTARY session presented by Tiana Sanchez and special guest Dr. Natalie Parks, and read our in-depth interview for additional insights from these brilliant women.

Self-Care for HR in the Time of COVID-19

Working in HR is stressful enough without the pressing issues that come with the COVID-19 national health crisis. Make sure you prioritize self-care.

Inside PIHRA RealHR – Preventing HR Burnout & Empowering HR

Still not sure what this RealHR event is all about? In this video post, you’ll learn why this event exists, what it involves, and why you should be there.

Why We Need Better Tools to Prevent HR Burnout

Are you part of the 50% in HR that experience extreme stress at least once a month? Join us on March 5 to develop crucial tools to combat HR burnout.

RealHR Nightmares (and How To Deal With Them)
Real HR Nightmares (and How To Deal With Them) You hoped it wouldn't come to this. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night startled by the latest HR nightmares you have to deal with in the morning? Do you wish you learned how to handle these nightmare scenarios before they struck
PIHRA RealHR-OC Recap & Resources – Don’t Fear the Deep End of the Talent Pool
PIHRA #RealHR-OC Recap & Resources PIHRA #RealHR-OC: Don't Fear the Deep End of the Talent Pool EVENT RECAP & RESOURCES April 10, 2019 | Volcom Skatepark, Costa Mesa Thank you to everyone who attended the #RealHR–OC on April 10th at Volcom Headquarters. The topic, Don’t Fear the Deep End of the Talent Pool, was well
Hiring in a Tight Labor Market
Hiring in a Tight Labor Market   Can a tight labor market convince employers to hire outside of their talent pool? The milestone of this past year was the market reality that there were more open jobs than there were people to fill them. The unemployment rate, at its lowest point in the past seven
RealHR West LA Event: Inclusion and Belonging – Is HR in Charge?
RealHR West LA: Inclusion and Belonging - Is HR in Charge?     Getting Real at RealHR West LA One of the biggest challenges we’ve seen in the workplace is the pace in which the workforce is changing, especially in diversity and inclusion. At the PIHRA RealHR West LA event, we discussed some of the