A Look Back at PIHRA 2019 Legal Update


A Look Back at PIHRA 2019 Legal Update

Get your California Legal Update for 2020

The Best PIHRA 2020 California Legal Update

Last January’s PIHRA Legal Update seminars were unforgettable – and this year’s California legal update seminars are shaping up to be equally impressive. When hundreds of PIHRA members, HR pros and legal practitioners gather to learn the latest case studies from California’s top labor lawyers, how can you not have a good time? 

Last year, we witnessed moments where friends reconnected after months apart. We gained new industry connections and trusted resources to refer to throughout the year. We savored the coffee, breakfast, mouth-watering lunches and desserts that got us through a full slate of California employment law updates. Truthfully, it’s a lot of information to digest, but the morning and afternoon refreshment breaks really come through right when you need them.

Those who were able to join us in 2019 (or any PIHRA California Legal Update seminars in the last 32 years) experienced the depth and breadth of information, the high caliber presenters, the formative HR relationships, and of course, the quality food at PIHRA’s California legal update flagship program.

If you weren’t able to join us, you simply missed out. While we can’t feed you through the internet (yet), we found a way to give our readers a taste of one of the most popular presentations from the PIHRA 2019 Legal Update — on us. The year isn’t over yet, after all! Test your California legal update knowledge today. Dive into California Wage and Hour law with seasoned presenter Jonathan Siegel to gauge how you’ve managed your wage & hour challenges this year. 

We hope to see you at one of our five PIHRA 2020 Legal Update seminars. Prices increase after Dec 31.

Without further ado, here’s California Did What? Cutting Edge Developments in California Wage and Hour Law presented by Jonathan A. Siegel, Jackson Lewis P.C.

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Get your California legal update with PIHRA! In the world of human resources, staying ahead of constantly evolving employment laws and workplace legislation is essential. The PIHRA 2020 Legal Update provides timely information, tips and resources that will help you cut through the complexity, so that you can protect your organization and effectively manage risk. 

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