9 Tips For The Best PIHRA Legal Update Experience in 2020


9 Tips For The Best PIHRA Legal Update Experience in 2020

Optimize your California employment law update 

The Best PIHRA 2020 California Legal Update

The beginning of the year can be tough for HR, but we’re here to help you live your best life. That’s why we created this guide for you to have the best PIHRA Legal Update experience. If you’ve decided it makes business sense to attend the PIHRA 2020 Legal Update, whether it’s to earn 6.0 recertification credits or learn from 14 top-notch law firms, this guide will help you set yourself up for learning success – starting with selecting the best seminar for yourself.

Tip #1 – Location Is Key

This part is easy. The best PIHRA Legal Update for you will likely be the closest location to you!

Tip #2 – Pick Your Prime Day for the Best Seminar

Let’s face it, some days of the week are harder to get some time away the office — even for something as important as your California employment law update. That’s why we’ve scheduled our 2020 Legal Update seminars on three different days of the week, so that you can opt for the day that fits your schedule best!


January 28 – Anaheim


January 15 – Rancho Mirage(½-Day)
January 22 – Riverside


January 23 – La Jolla
January 30 – Burbank

Tip #3 – Optimize your sleep for the best day of learning.

A recent Gallup study shows that 40% of adults don’t get enough sleep. Surely HR doesn’t have that problem, right? …Just kidding. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a solid 7-9 hours is recommended each night. Prioritization is crucial to getting a full night’s sleep both the night before and after the PIHRA Legal Update so that your brain will be better equipped to commit the new information to your long term memory. Meanwhile, one helpful trick to reverse-engineer your sleep is to use a Sleep Calculator to determine the best time to hit the hay, and plan out your night in advance. This will help you protect your sleep schedule at all costs!

Tip #4 – Minimize stressful disruptions. Maximize peaceful mornings.

Did you know, it has been scientifically proven that your experience at the PIHRA 2020 Legal Update will be 3,000% better if you don’t have to slog through SoCal traffic first?

Your time — and frankly, your peace of mind — are worth a lot. Staying in a hotel steps away from the seminar so that your morning is fully streamlined and seamless is well worth the cost. Additionally, this easy access to the seminar will help you make the most of your day learning from Southern California’s top labor lawyers. This will help with that aforementioned sleep schedule, too!


You’ve identified the best PIHRA Legal Update seminar at the optimal time and location. You’ve registered. You want the peace of mind in the morning before a full day of intensive learning. Now you’re ready to book a discounted room with the PIHRA Room Block rates. You’re in the right place!

Riverside – Marriott Riverside at the Convention Center

Starting at $159 per night, the Marriott boasts plenty of features including gorgeous interiors, and is a 2 minute walk from the Riverside Convention Center. Enjoy your choice between plenty of walkable dinner options the night before!

Bonus amenity: Starbucks Shop Onsite | Best places to dine in Riverside 

La Jolla – San Diego Marriott La Jolla

Do you live within (or closer to) San Diego County? Do you have family, friends, or a sense of wanderlust tugging you to visit La Jolla, explore Torrey Pines or the La Jolla Cove? If so, our discounted San Diego Marriott La Jolla room block ($299 per night) is the perfect lodging option. Enjoy easy check-in and check-out so that you have a smooth, early morning for the PIHRA 2020 Legal Update in La Jolla. 

Bonus amenity: Business Center, Fitness Center, & Pool  | Best Places to Dine in La Jolla

Anaheim – Anaheim Marriott

What could be better than strolling downstairs for breakfast at PIHRA Legal Update? This Marriott features dozens of amenities like a fitness center, business center, renovated restaurant and bar, cable TV, and even complimentary internet access so that your stay in Anaheim will be complete. Prices start at $209 per night.

Bonus amenity: Complimentary Wifi | Best Places to Dine in Anaheim

Burbank – Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport

According to Forbes, traffic and congestion in Los Angeles ranks the 5th worst in the country in 2019. If you live in Los Angeles County or have chosen to attend our Burbank seminar, then we recommend snagging a room at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport before out discounted block ($174 per night) runs out!

Bonus amenity: Burbank Airport Shuttle | Best Places to Dine in Burbank

Tip #5 – Scout out the speakers & sessions you want to attend.

Every organization has different risk areas, so you can use this information in advance to customize your agenda. Once our session titles are published, take time to read through them and prioritize the sessions and speakers that will best fit your needs. After that, you’ll have your perfect plan – and you can always supplement with our On Demand recordings (simply scroll down for that info!).

Tip #6 – Bring business cards (and a smile) to connect!

When preparing to attend a conference or seminar, business cards can be the last thing on your mind. Fortunately, we’ve all made that mistake before, so we’re not about to shame you. On the other hand, you never know who you’ll meet at PIHRA events! Will you sit next to the CHRO of Whole Foods? Or the VP of HR at Thrive Market? If we’re honest, nobody feels like a career superstar when scrawling their email address on a piece of scratch paper. Be prepared to meet some amazing California HR pros at all career levels, whether you’re hiring at your company or looking for a career move. That’s why having a stash of business cards handy will help you make the most of each interaction!

Tip #7 – Take notes, and keep the best resource – your handbook!

Okay, this tip is two in one. When you arrive at the PIHRA 2020 Legal Update, you’ll receive a handbook with printed slides, pages for notes, and your recertification credit information. This is a resource you will want to keep close to you, so that you’ll have the ease of access to crucial information presented. Furthermore, it has the HRCI and SHRM Program IDs so that you can log your recertification credit hours easily. TLDR; – use your handbook to take notes, and then, keep it! 

Tip #8 – Consider the special offers.

You may have heard that PIHRA Legal Update is one of the most famous PIHRA programs. However, did you know this program also provides special savings opportunities for attendees?

Group Discounts

Who doesn’t love the savings you get when buying in bulk? If you have a team of 3-5 attending the PIHRA Legal Update, then please send in your registrations via PDF using the same form of payment. With our group discounts, you’ll enjoy savings on your registration. Groups of 6+ will receive a greater discount!

PIHRA Legal Update On Demand

Our seminar features concurrent sessions where you will select one session to attend. However, you can access to recordings of ALL our 2020 sessions, by pre-ordering PIHRA Legal Update On Demand. That way, you’ll be granted access to any sessions you missed when the online recordings are launched.

CalChamber Labor Law Digest

This is a big one. Because this special offer is limited to registered attendees only, you have the exclusive opportunity (as an attendee only!) to pre-order CalChamber’s famous Labor Law Digest at a steep discount. This is an incredible, thorough resource that will prove to be an excellent supplement to our seminar!

You can pre-order this book during your online registration, or send in our PDF form if you’ve already registered. Also, any questions about pre-ordering this resource can be sent to programs@pihra.org.

Tip #9 – Don’t sleep through The PIHRA Experience.

Want to know the best way to ensure you can savor your full plate of breakfast at #pihraLU20 while connecting with PIHRA leaders, and getting the full scoop on PIHRA member benefits? The answer is to attend The PIHRA Experience before the morning keynote begins. This is an interactive session where you can actually get to know other attendees (likely the early birds!), interact with PIHRA board members and staff, and ask any questions about PIHRA membership or the program itself. You’ve never had this much fun at 7:15am!


Choose from 5 convenient locations

Rancho Mirage (½-Day) | Riverside | La Jolla | Anaheim | Burbank

Get the best California legal update with PIHRA! In the world of human resources, staying ahead of constantly evolving employment laws and workplace legislation is essential. PIHRA’s flagship program provides timely information, tips and resources that will help you cut through the complexity, so that you can protect your organization and effectively manage risk. 

→ Save $$ when you register before December 31! (Group discounts available)


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