Meet the Sponsors: Trusaic

Meet the Sponsors: Trusaic

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Introduce Yourselves:

Trusaic is a software company specializing in regulatory compliance. We offer solutions to HR’s most complex challenges across people, data, and analytics. Through pay equity, diversity, and inclusion software, Affordable Care Act compliance, and various tax credits, our ultimate goal is to help organizations build better workplaces.

We help HR professionals keep up with the rapidly changing legal requirements pertaining to pay equity and ACA compliance. With the demand for organizations to harbor more equitable workforces, our solutions provide HR professionals with the tools to ensure their organization stays in compliance.

More importantly, we help HR professionals make their work environments a better place to work, where employees feel more inclusive, comfortable, and excited for their future.

What Will You Be Sharing at CELU21?

We’ll review California pay data reporting under SB973, how it fits within the context of state-level pay equity legislation, how regulators are likely to use these data, and how employers can best manage the risks associated with California’s pay data reporting requirement.

We hope that attendees takeaway these key points:

  1. What California’s pay data reporting collection identifies. How this collection fits within the evolving trend driving employers to proactively review and assess their compensation systems.
  2. How regulators are likely to use California SB 973 pay data to investigate both pay and non-pay forms of employment discrimination. Identify some of the risks these uses pose for California employers.
  3. How specific elements of the pay equity audit process effectively address these growing risks. How a pay gap risk assessment can help employers evaluate investing in alternative pay equity audit options.

After many zoom presentations for our HR community, it will be a welcome and exciting honor to present in-person finally. Our PIHRA members always bring an immense energy to each conference that always leaves me with a deep appreciation for our HR community.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy seeing our community in-person again and to be a positive and helpful resource for all attendees.

Join Trusaic at the 2021 California Employment Law Update for the latest in legislative news impacting you and your organization.

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