A Sneak Peak into Wage & Hour Employment Law Updates: Q&A with Paul Fleck

A Sneak Peak into Wage & Hour Employment Law Updates: Q&A with Paul Fleck


Recently, Paul Fleck reflects on the past CELU22 experience and shares his background, insights on the current employment law landscape, and the value of these updates to your career in HR. Read the Q&A below:

1. What drew you to sharing critical information with those who deal California Employment Law? Provide a little bit of background on your journey.
As a former HR professional, I understand the difficulties in managing the day-to-day operations of a business let alone trying to remain updated on all the changes in the law. My goal in every presentation is to synthesize updates in the law into practical information HR professionals can use in their daily operations.

2. What aspects of your session topic pertain to the HR field and the employment law updates that organizations face?  
California has some of the most complicated wage and hour laws in the country. Additionally, trying to comply with sheer number of wage and laws can be daunting. Updating HR professionals on new requirements, and making certain they continue to comply with existing laws – especially where small tweaks are required, is critical to minimizing liability for their organizations.

3. What is the top change on the horizon for 2023 that the HR field can better be equipped for using your session information?
Pay transparency will continue to increase in an effort to reduce pay discrimination. HR professionals should conduct wage and hour audits to uncover pay discrepancies and focus on similar pay for similar positions on a go forward basis in an effort to reduce liability related to discrimination claims.

4. What are the top (3) takeaways HR professionals can gain from the information shared in this year’s CELU on-demand session?
1. Make certain their time cards are accurate and comply with the law. Periodic audits to make sure employees are following company policies is always a good practice.
2. Watch for meal and rest period violations. This is the low hanging fruit in wage and hour claims.
3. Properly pay meal and rest period violations when they occur. Build these penalties into the operating budget similar to overtime payments in an effort to limit potential class action law suits.

Partner, Paul Fleck, AALR
Mr. Fleck’s hands-on experience working in human resources at both Fortune 500 and small California businesses prior to his legal career provides him with the unique opportunity to impart practical advice on complex human resources and employee relations issues.

Mr. Fleck regularly conducts continuing education programs for attorneys and training programs for managers, supervisors, and human resources professionals throughout California and across the country on all issues related to labor and employment. He is the chair of AALRR’s Employment Law Conference, which hosts over 1,000 attendees annually.

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