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Upskill your human resources team and build networks throughout California with PIHRA HR Team membership


With the workforce and your employees’ place in it rapidly changing, HR is more integral to your organization’s success than ever before.

The role your HR team plays is critical to both operations and employee retention, and PIHRA HR Team Membership ensures every member of your department — at every level — is empowered with the tools and California-specific insights PIHRA membership provides.

Want to establish your workplace as an employer of choice and help your entire team thrive? Support your people by giving them the resources they need to manage day-to-day challenges, manage organizational culture and develop strategic HR networks statewide.


Boost productivity with individual access to PIHRA’s:

Handbook builder
Job description builder
Sample forms and policies
Webcasts and webinars
Networking opportunities
Live HR hotline

Plus, your team enjoys:

Team discounts on PIHRA virtual conferences
Free job postings at PIHRA’s career center
Consolidated membership management and invoicing
Number of HR Team Members Rate Discount
Small-Staff Organization    
1-2 $280.00 20%
3-6 $735.00 30%
7-9 $945.00 40%
Medium-Staff Organization    
10-14 $1,347.50 45%
15-19 $1,662.50 50%
20-24 $1,890.00 55%
Large-Staff Organization    
25-29 $2,030.00 60%
30-39 $2,388.00 65%
40-49 $2,572.50 70%

Organizations with 50+ will be priced at $43.75 per member.


What is a PIHRA HR Team Membership?


It allows organizations with more than one HR employee the ability to purchase memberships for their team members in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Regardless of whether you have an HR team of 2 or 500, PIHRA can help you provide your team with the professional development and tools they need to achieve your team and organizational goals. Plus, you and your team will have access to the largest, local HR community that can help them get the job done right.

Organizations that purchase HR Team memberships agree that the memberships will not be shared outside of the member organization and that each employee will use only their designated individual membership to access PIHRA’s website, professional development, tools, content, and services as applicable.

PIHRA HR Team Membership will be valid for one year as of the date of payment and may be renewed at the end of 12 months, unless otherwise specified.

How do I enroll myself and my HR Team as members?


Please use the contact form below to receive a link to enroll yourself as the master account holder of your HR Team Membership. You will receive a link to enroll and pay for your membership within 24 hours during business week.

It is important for the HR Team Master Account holder to first identify employees with an existing PIHRA membership. PIHRA agrees to credit the master account holder for the remaining months for each of those individual memberships and create a single renewal date for all employees receiving the PIHRA memberships under the HR Team Membership. Please complete and email the completed HR Team Enrollment Template to begin the process of identifying your employees who may already have a PIHRA membership.

Once enrolled, the HR Team Master Account holder can invite their team members via a link that can be emailed through their company email or messaging system. You can also work with PIHRA Member Services using the HR Team Member Enrollment template to provide PIHRA with a list of the employees you have designated to receive the membership. PIHRA agrees to provide the PIHRA membership numbers and login information to your HR Team members within seven (7) days after receipt of the correctly completed template.

If an employee receiving a PIHRA HR Team membership leaves the organization and no longer is entitled to the membership, their individual membership will remain valid for the remainder of their current membership year. The HR Team Master Account holder may identify a different employee to receive a PIHRA membership (to replace the former employee); PIHRA will activate such replacement membership at no additional charge to your company for the remaining membership term.

How much is a PIHRA HR Team Membership?


PIHRA HR Team Membership is a simple, cost-efficient way to offer your HR Team and People Managers superior professional development, tools and community to help your organization succeed. The membership is categorized based on team size. See the pricing table listed above to explore the tier that best suits you and your organization.

If an organization is growing and would like to move up to the next membership tier, the organization will purchase a new membership and receive a credit for the remaining amount of time available on their current membership.

What additional benefits are included in the PIHRA HR Team Membership?


All HR Team Memberships included and associated with the master account will have all the benefits that are associated with the regular PIHRA membership. In addition, the HR Team Membership will also benefit from:

Convenient Registration and Discount on Virtual Conferences

A designated PIHRA staff member will be available to assist in registering the HR Team delegation to attend the California HR Conference and the California Employment Law Update. HR Team members will receive a discount as shown below by membership tier when all HR Team members are registered.

Number HR Team Members Convenient Registration and Discount on Virtual Conferences
Small-Staff Organization  
1-2 20%
3-6 30%
7-9 40%
Medium-Staff Organization  
10-14 45%
15-19 50%
20-24 55%
Large-Staff Organization  
25-29 60%
30-39 65%
40-49 70%

Convenient Registration to In-Person Conferences

A designated PIHRA staff member will be available to the employees receiving an HR Team membership to assist in registering the HR Team delegation to attend in-person PIHRA-wide seminars and conferences.

Free Job Postings on the PIHRA Career Center

A designated PIHRA staff member will be available to assist a designated HR Team membership holder in receiving free job posting on the PIHRA Career Center as appropriate to the organization’s membership tier.

Number HR Team Members Free Job Postings on the PIHRA Career Center
Small-Staff Organization  
1-2 1
3-6 2
7-9 3
Medium-Staff Organization  
10-14 4
15-19 5
20-24 6
Large-Staff Organization  
25-29 7
30-39 8
40-49 9

Consolidated Membership Management and Invoicing

The HR Team Master Account holder will receive an annual renewal notice. The renewal must be paid within 30 days of the expiration date and payment must be made in one single payment.

The HR Team Master Account holder or an individual they assign from their HR Team member roster can work with PIHRA Member Services to ensure communication to its HR Team members about PIHRA membership benefits and resources, and that all expectations relative to the membership have been met.

How do HR Team Members select a PIHRA Chapter?


PIHRA has 17 chapters and four communities throughout Southern California. During the member registration process, HR Team Members can select the chapter that is most convenient. However, HR Team members can attend any chapter or community meeting at the member price.

PIHRA chapters typically hold monthly webinars and/or professional development and networking sessions. Chapters provide your HR Team members the ability to upskill, build community and hone their leadership skills in a variety of volunteer leadership roles. PIHRA Member Services will work with HR Team Members to facilitate relationships with their local chapter. PIHRA chapters may charge a fee to attend professional development and networking meetings. These fees are not included in the HR Team membership cost.


Contact PIHRA Member Services at (424) 329-0210 or membership@pihra.org if you have any questions.

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