Get the Most Out of Your PIHRA Membership

How to Get The Most From Your PIHRA Membership

Congratulations – you’ve joined (or are considering joining) PIHRA! Now what? 

Throughout your career, and certainly in the age of the Coronavirus, we believe being part of a professional community is an important way to combat stress. That’s exactly why we’ve been dedicated to supporting HR in Southern California for 75 years. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome you to our corner of the HR community!

To our new PIHRA members: welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. We hope this resource helps you take full advantage of your PIHRA membership, get better connected with the PIHRA community, and begin a new chapter of growth and flourishing in your career. To all prospective PIHRA members, you’re welcome here too. We hope you find this guide useful as you consider becoming a PIHRA member!

If you ever need anything, you’ll soon know how to find us. 

Below are 5 key categories of PIHRA membership benefits.

Feel free to scroll through the page to explore the full resources, or use these shortcut links below:







HR Education & Professional Development

From best practices, to recertification, to exploring new ideas about the future of work (#futureofwork), PIHRA provides continuing education that benefits and engages HR professionals throughout all stages of their career. Here are a few examples and links to sign up for our HR education sessions!

Live Virtual Events

In the age of COVID-19, PIHRA is offering two weekly webinar series:

COVID-19 Series – March-May 2020

Back To Work Series – June 2020

PIHRA Chapter Series – July-October 2020

Road to CAHR20 Series – August-October 2020

→ Mondays at 2:15pm PT 
Free for members, but open to nonmembers!

HR Education Series

→ Thursdays at 11:30am PT 
Free for members, but open to nonmembers!



PIHRA Virtual Learning Library

Do you ever wonder where you can watch past PIHRA webinars? Members can access our webinar library for free. Earn oodles of self-paced HR recertification credits, as well as dive into a variety of HR professional development topics presented by experts.

You’ll also find sessions (and recertification opportunities) from our annual events like the California HR Conference, PIHRA 2020 Legal Update, and HR Department of One, available for a nominal fee. Remember, if you’re logged in to your membership, you’ll always get the member rate! 


HR Certification 

PIHRA can help you get certified. Advance your education by receiving your HR Certification (HRCI and/or SHRM). Members who are already certified receive re-certification credits at PIHRA monthly meetings, webinars, seminars, and at the annual California HR Conference. 

Interested in getting certified? Sign up for an upcoming PIHRA Preparation Course!


Link: HR Certification Compensation Study

HR Weekly 

Every week, PIHRA members and subscribers receive a tailored email with HR news, sprinkled with a few updates from PIHRA. 



HR Community

Community HR Chats

As much as we love HR webinars, we’ve been missing the rich connections and relationship-building our PIHRA community is known for. So, it’s official: we’re starting the virtual HR party. We’ve been cooking up themed opportunities for you to connect with one another as humans, first – and then as HR professionals.

Please watch for opportunities to attend a PIHRA HR Coffee Hour, HR Lunch Hour, or an HR Happy Hour! We’ll keep the link below updated with upcoming opportunities.


Find & Participate with your PIHRA Chapter 

PIHRA is comprised of 17 chapters, 9 student chapters, and 3 specialty groups that are an excellent opportunity for HR professionals to learn about and discuss important HR topics at the local and national level while making connections with others in the field. Plus, don’t miss out on networking with our three Specialty Groups – PIHRA Foundation, Club PIHRA and PIHRA Emerging Leaders. 


Not sure if you’ve selected a chapter?

In your member bio, you can select which PIHRA Chapter you would like to designate as your primary chapter. This will impact which chapter you receive correspondence from. Login and review your profile to adjust your PIHRA Chapter affiliation!

Edit your member bio:

PIHRA Forums & Discussion Board

The PIHRA Forum is an exclusive member-only place to network online, ask questions, provide feedback and connect with other PIHRA members! 


PIHRA on Social Media

We love to have discussions, share funny moments, and stay on top of the pulse of HR by using social media. Find out how to follow us and join our social media groups!


Volunteer Leadership Opportunities with PIHRA

PIHRA provides members with opportunities to hone their leadership skills through volunteerism in various functional areas. Joining a PIHRA chapter board is a fantastic way to gain visibility in the community and the skills you need to advance your career. 


OR: Find your PIHRA Chapter & contact the chapter chair to get involved! 


HR Tools & Resources

FREE employee training 

In an effort to help keep employees healthy, connected and engaged during this unprecedented crisis, PIHRA and Custom Corporate Communications (C3) will be offering free, live video-based training to qualified PIHRA members’ companies.

Training topics include:

  • Full Microsoft Office suite computer training
  • Leadership Development
  • Process Improvement (Lean/Six Sigma)
  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • COVID-19 safety guidelines for organizations
  • and many more

To find out if you qualify, fill out our form at the link below, and a representative will be in contact with you!

Link: Complete the form

Learn more:

PIHRA Workplace

These virtual tools powered by ThinkHR allow you to seek the advice and support you need now. Extra support related to Coronavirus Pandemic is just a phone call – or a few clicks – away!

PIHRA Live PIHRA Workplace
  • Speak with a senior certified HR professional
  • Service is available for PIHRA members from Monday-Friday, 6:00am PT – 5:00pm PT
  • Unlimited calls annually for PIHRA members
  • Thousands of forms, documents, tools, and checklists plus the up-to-date news you need to take the mystery out of the human resource practices. 
  • 50-State Handbook Builder 
  • California Handbook Builder
  • COVID-19 Specific Hub

This benefit can take additional time to activate after joining. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns! 


PIHRA Learn – Workplace Training Discount with ThinkHR

Explore the LEARN Catalog to review over 250 learning modules.

PIHRA Learn is now available to PIHRA members at the rate of $2 per employee per month with a 12 month agreement (based off total number of employees). PIHRA Learn includes the mandatory AB1825/SB 1343 sexual harassment training for supervisors and employees. Comply and save your company thousands of dollars!

To inquire about PIHRA Learn, please contact Courtney Franco at 925.225.1100 ext 229 or

Link: PIHRA Learn Course Catalog 


HR Career Support

CareerArc Tools 

PIHRA members receive career transition support at no cost with Career Arc YourNextStep. It combines professional career content with web, social, and mobile technology to help job seekers get their next position fast.


PIHRA Career Center

Through the PIHRA Career Center, HR professionals can locate organizations seeking to fill local HR positions. You can view employers currently hiring and quickly find jobs matching your criteria. Plus members receive up to a 20% discount on job postings!


Link: Post Your Resume


Discounts & More!

PIHRA Program Discounts 

The chief discount PIHRA members receive is the lowest rate to all PIHRA professional development programs – including free registration to webinars. 


PIHRA Career Center

As we mentioned above, PIHRA members receive 20% off job postings on the PIHRA Career Center!


CalChamber Discounts

CalChamber offers PIHRA members a 15% discount on products related to California specific labor law compliance, training and HR best practices tools. 

Link: Member Discounts

Brandman University

Brandman University offers scholarships to all members and their spouses and dependents. Visit the PIHRA Academic Partners page for more information.

Link: Academic Partners

QuikPark Los Angeles (LAX)

QuikPark is Los Angeles International Airport’s closest parking choice. PIHRA members receive a rate of 40% off their parking fee. With over 2,500 parking spaces, you can choose from either self or valet parking services.

Link: Member Discounts

UCLA Extension

PIHRA Members are eligible to receive a 15% discount off of any of the UCLA Extension courses in the HRM Certificate Program and the 1-day courses listed on the back of the brochure.

Link: UCLA Member Discount

PIHRA Learn – Workplace Training Discount with ThinkHR

Explore the LEARN Catalog to review over 250 learning modules.

PIHRA Learn is now available to PIHRA members at the rate of $2 per employee per month with a 12 month agreement (based off total number of employees). PIHRA Learn includes the mandatory AB1825/SB 1343 sexual harassment training for supervisors and employees. Comply and save your company thousands of dollars!

To inquire about PIHRA Learn please contact Courtney Franco at 925.225.1100 ext 229 or

Link: PIHRA Learn Course Catalog

Thank you for being part of our community

Once again, thank you for being part of the PIHRA community! Whether you’re a visitor, a subscriber, or a long-time member, your insight, perspective, and participation creates a richer HR community for us all. You really do make a difference.

During National Volunteer Appreciation Week, we want to give a special thank you to our PIHRA Volunteer Leaders, who devote hundreds of hours of their time annually to providing fantastic professional development, community, and leadership opportunities for local HR professionals all over Southern California. Our volunteers are bright, ambitious, creative, and supportive, and are truly what makes PIHRA such a special place. Thank you for all you do.

Have any questions about PIHRA membership resources? We’re here to help! If we can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact us at or

Need extra HR resources? PIHRA is here to help.

PIHRA Membership is the single best resource to support HR professionals practicing in or responsible for HR in Southern California. Become a member today!

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“For over 20 years I have relied on PIHRA for professional support, camaraderie, SPHR recertification credits and leadership opportunities. I would not consider doing my Human Resources work as a Human Resources Operations Manager, Human Resources Director, Consultant or Educator without my PIHRA network.”
– Mery Propster, SPHR, Segue Solutions

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