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3 Big Reasons to Renew Your PIHRA Membership (or Join!) Now
3 Big Reasons to Renew Your PIHRA Membership (or Join!) Now At PIHRA, our goal is to give you the fuel you need to stay informed, compliant, and moving forward in your career. That means rolling out new content and tools designed to help you navigate our constantly evolving industry — and to keep offering
The Answers You Need Are Just a Call Away

It happens to every HR professional. An issue comes up, and you’re not sure you have the information necessary to handle it effectively. In these moments, don’t worry — PIHRA LIVE is here for you. Just pick up the phone, speak with a senior, certified HR professional and get the answers you need, fast.

What’s New at PIHRA in 2022

Our current economic, political, environmental and health situations present legal challenges and opportunities that we haven’t addressed before. That’s why CELU21 offers a dynamic agenda of topics all tailored to the legal complexities of your role in HR.

Free Career Coaching with the PIHRA Career Center

Through the PIHRA Career Center, you can connect with an expert and get customized coaching specific to your goals.