HR Department of One – The Top 10 Ways to Stay in Compliance

HR Department of One – The Top 10 Ways to Stay in Compliance

The Top 10 Ways to Stay in Compliance is a session by Carol Gefis, Partner at AALRR. 

HR Department of One - The Top 10 Ways to Stay in Compliance with Carol Gefis

Stay in compliance with PIHRA’s new virtual program starting Friday, November 1, 2019

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Do you ever find yourself second guessing what you’re doing? Have you ever wished you had an employment lawyer on speed dial? PIHRA is bringing you a three-part series of virtual learning topics so that you’ll get what you need to improve your effectiveness and do your job with confidence. Our second HR Department of One topic is The Top 10 Ways to Stay in Compliance which will be presented by Carol Gefis of AALRR. Her session will provide HR professionals with a check list of sorts to help keep you on track and out of trouble!

Are you are an HR professional? Or, are you someone who handles HR as a business owner or manager? If you answered yes to either question, this series is for you. Because you can interact with the facilitators, you’ll take away more specific actionable tips and helpful explanations. Plus, you’ll have access to connect with other HR departments of one. As a result, not only can you discuss how you’re applying these updates throughout the week. You’ll also be building HR relationships, helping you access some much needed long-term support in your role!

We were thrilled to get some extra time with Carol Gefis. Don’t miss her #HRDo1 session on Friday, November 8. Read on to learn what her top advice for solo HR practitioners and what her informative virtual session is all about.

Top 10 Ways To Stay In Compliance as an HR Department of One 

Speaker Spotlight with Carol Gefis

PIHRA: What resources and outlets do you recommend solo HR pros leverage to stay in constant compliance?

Carol Gefis: I highly recommend that solo HR professionals become members of PIHRA and attend their local chapter meeting as well as the annual Legal Update program. The PIHRA website has a lot of resources and the monthly meetings provide regular legal updates and an opportunity to discuss tricky compliance issues with peers. I also recommend signing up for blogs and alerts from reputable California based employment law firms.

PIHRA: What are the most common challenges and limitations an HR Department of One experiences with regards to compliance and why?

CG: Just staying on top of changes to the rules and regulations can be a full-time job. Implementing those rules and regulations and keeping policies, procedures and handbooks current is also very time consuming, but essential. In addition, the complexity of California leave laws and accommodation practices require an HR professional to be able to think through difficult situations and create a solution that is palatable for both the company and the affected employee.

PIHRA: What should an HR department of one prioritize to ensure a smooth and productive review and modification of their company’s policies/handbook?

CG: There are a few areas of the law that remain in flux and require attention. As the HR professional becomes aware of new laws and policies through PIHRA meetings and various alerts, they should keep a running list of the changes. As a result, they can systematically review the handbook and policies and implement those changes. Each modification to the handbook or policy should be dated in the professional’s version of the document so they can keep track of the updates. The handbook changes should also be noted on the update list for easier tracking.

PIHRA: Which California employment laws would you say an HR Department of One should be well-versed in, especially with ever-changing regulatory mandates?

CG: Requirements for meal and rest breaks, overtime, and, if applicable, modified workweek rules are subject to class and PAGA claims, and therefore should be a priority.

Staying in compliance as an HR Department of One

Streamline your work, your processes, and minimize your exposure

Who has the time to research the implications of California’s employment laws? As Carol Gefis pointed out, it’s a full-time job itself because they’re constantly evolving! However, you already have a full-time job. So, if you’re single-handedly defending your company from costly litigation, it looks like you could use some support. You’re in luck, because attending our virtual program HR Department of One will give you a boost. You’ll gain access to three top-notch, high-impact virtual sessions. That way, you can refer back to whenever you need to – because that’s the kind of flexible support you need, right? If you’re still curious, you can learn more about the program below to see if it’s a good fit for you:

When: Fridays – November 1, 8, and 15 – from 9:30am – 10:30am. Pick and choose, or register for all three to save!

Where: Virtual – sign on from the comfort of your computer or other digital device!

Bonus: Access an HR Department of One online community to continue the discussion every week!

→ Register online for all three sessions, or select your preferred session!

You’ll gain new strategies, tools, connections, and credits to fortify your efforts as an HR department of one:

Understanding the fine print in Wage & Hour laws and regulations.

Streamlined effective policies & best practices.

Expand your compliance proficiency.

Connect with other HR pros who complete the work of a full team.

We’ve got the experts ready to share their condensed expertise. All that’s missing is you! So, what are you waiting for? Expand your HR horizon and your network with us at PIHRA HR Department of One Virtual Series.

Strengthen your HR toolkit and register today to join us!


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