HR Department of One – Managing Wage and Hour Challenges

HR Department of One – Managing Wage and Hour Challenges

Managing Wage and Hour Challenges is a session by William M. Betley, Partner at AALRR. 

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Tackle Wage & Hour pitfalls with PIHRA’s new virtual program continuing Friday, November 15, 2019

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Out of all of California’s extensive labor laws, wage and hour complications can cause the worst HR headaches (not to mention, outrageously expensive lawsuits!). Navigating complex regulations is tough enough without more being added or reinterpreted year after year. From a business perspective, the risk of costly litigation is simply too high to stay uninformed. Our recommendation? Attend PIHRA’s three-part series of virtual learning topics for busy HR pros. Specifically, our third and final 2019 HR Department of One topic is Managing Wage and Hour Challenges which will be presented by William M. Betley of AALRR on Friday, November 15. His session will provide HR professionals insight on one of the biggest ways that business owners get into trouble, especially in California.

In this dynamic series, you’ll have access to connect with experienced presenters like Betley, as well as other HR departments of one. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss how you’re applying these updates throughout the week. You’ll also be building HR relationships, helping you access some much needed long-term support in your role! 

Get to know the value that William Betley will offer you in this program in our interview below. Then, be sure not to miss his #HRDo1 session on Friday, November 15! Read on to learn his top wage and hour advice for solo HR practitioners. With only two live sessions left, there’s still plenty you can learn. Let’s be honest, it’s always a good time to brush up on current wage and hour best practices. (Especially with such an experienced lawyer.) It’s not too late to register!

Managing Wage & Hour Challenges as an HR Department of One 

Speaker Spotlight with William M. Betley

PIHRA: What is the most effective way for an HRDo1 to learn and consistently uphold both state and city wage laws?

William M. Betley: I believe the most effective way for HRDo1 to learn and consistency uphold state and city wage laws is by becoming an active PIHRA member and being an active participant in local chapter meetings. I also recommend signing up to receive blogs and emails from multiple law firms who do an excellent job in identifying and addressing new and challenging employment issues.

PIHRA: If a company hired you as their first HRDo1, how would you address several current “off the clock” practices without triggering claims?

WMB: With respect to employees working off the clock, I would review the Troester v. Starbucks Corporation case and incorporate as company policy the courts guidance from that case. I would try to implement a system in which the employer could:

  1. structure work so that employees would not have to work before or after clocking out;
  2. use technology to have a time tracking tool to more accurately record all of the employees time; and/or
  3. estimate the time that it would take for an employee to perform work and compensate employees from that time.

PIHRA: When the CA minimum wage increases so does the CA White Collar Overtime Exemption. For example, by January 2020, CA State White Collar Salary test will be $62,400. As an HRDo1 working for a smaller company that may be financially limited, what is best practice for the solo HR pro to switch all their employees to hourly?

WMB: The best practice for the solo HR pro to switch employees from exempt to non-exempt is to be totally transparent and explain the reason for the change. Because many employees feel the exempt classification gives them a higher status in the workplace, the solo HR pro must explain to the employee the employers financial limitations necessitating the change. However, it’s equally important to explain to the employee that he or she will basically be compensated in the same amount (only on an hourly basis). Additionally, because hourly employment allows the possibility of overtime compensation, the switch from exempt to non-exempt could end up being a benefit for the employee. Try to portray the change as a benefit to the employee.

PIHRA: Due to city-specific minimum wages in California, should an HRDo1 monitor their hourly employees who travel and spend a few hours each day in different cities?

WMB: Wage and hour laws are exceedingly complex. To add to the complexity, many municipalities now have their own minimum wages which further complicate the compensation obligations of employers. As a general proposition, employment laws which are the most adventitious to employees are the laws that should be followed by the employers. The practicalities are that the potential money saved in tracking employees’ comings and goings in different municipalities may pale in comparison to an individual or class action wage and hour claim if the minimum wage differentials are not correctly allocated. So, I would recommend that the HRDo1 to a cross-benefit analysis and if that benefit is not significant, the employer should pay the employee the amount most beneficial to that employee.

Mitigate costly litigation as an HR Department of One.

Navigate tricky laws, ensure compliance, and minimize your exposure

Who has the time to decipher endless California employment law cases, regulations, and bills? If you’re single-handedly defending your company from costly litigation, and single-handedly running HR in your company, you’re in luck. That’s because attending our virtual program HR Department of One will give you timely information and support more efficiently than other programs. You’ll gain access to three top-notch, high-impact virtual sessions, and a community to discuss your findings. That way, you can refer back to whenever you need to – because that’s the kind of flexible support you need!  If you’re still curious, you can learn more about the program below to see if it’s a good fit for you.

When: Fridays – November 1, 8, and 15 – from 9:30am – 10:30am. Pick and choose, or register for all three to save!

Where: Virtual – sign on from the comfort of your computer or other digital device.

Bonus: Access an HR Department of One online community to continue the discussion every week.

→ Register online for all sessions, or select your preferred session!

You’ll gain new strategies, tools, connections, and credits to fortify your efforts as an HR department of one:

Understanding the fine print in Wage & Hour laws and regulations.

Streamlined effective policies & best practices.

Expand your compliance proficiency.

Connect with other HR pros who complete the work of a full team.

We’ve got the experts ready to share their condensed expertise. All that’s missing is you! So, what are you waiting for? Expand your HR horizon and your network with us at PIHRA HR Department of One Virtual Series.

Strengthen your HR toolkit and register today to join us!


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