How to Successfully use the Growing Potential of AI in HR

How to Successfully Use the Growing Potential of AI in HR

By Jason Walker and Rey Ramirez

As companies continually work to improve efficiency and reduce costs, artificial intelligence (AI) becomes an ever more important tool for HR teams. Companies have already seen the benefits of using AI in recruiting, where it helps to streamline processes and identify top candidates more quickly. However, AI potentially has much more to offer HR organizations.

One area where we expect to see significant developments is benefits administration. Machine learning-based chatbots can answer employees’ frequently asked questions about benefits, policies, and other HR-related matters. Because these chatbots are available 24/7, they can improve the service provided to employees and managers while also reducing HR’s workload. Hopefully, this leads to more consistent answers for staff and less strain on HR.
Other uses for AI in HR include:

  • Onboarding. AI can personalize the onboarding process for new employees. For example, AI can provide new employees with relevant information about the company, their role, and their co-workers.
  • Performance management. AI can track employee performance and identify areas where employees need development. This can help HR teams provide employees with the support they need to be successful.
  • Employee engagement. Use AI to collect feedback from employees and identify areas where the company can improve employee engagement. This can help HR teams create a more positive and productive work environment.


AI offers tremendous potential for improving the efficiency and effectiveness for HR operations of practically any size. By embracing these new technologies and the efficiencies they deliver, HR teams can focus on more strategic activities while also enhancing the level of service provided to employees.
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Jason Walker and Rey Ramirez are co-founders at Thrive HR Consulting, a minority-owned HR advisory that provides value-based HR support for mergers and acquisitions, C-Suite executive coaching, employee relations, DEI and belonging, performance management, employee engagement, and talent acquisition.