You Can’t Work Here Anymore! And Other 2020 California Laws Impacting Employment Law Settlements


You Can’t Work Here Anymore! And Other 2020 California Laws Impacting Employment Law Settlements

Speaker Spotlight with Angela Reddock-Wright 

You Can’t Work Here Anymore! And Other 2020 California Laws Impacting Employment Law Settlements Speaker Spotlight with Angela Reddock-Wright

You Can’t Work Here Anymore! And Other 2020 California Laws Impacting Employment Law Settlements

As the California discrimination, harassment and other labor and employment laws continue to rapidly change and evolve, so too are the laws impacting the settlement of these same claims. The age-old provisions that once were considered boilerplate and standard in most employment law settlements are no more. This session presented by Angela Reddock-Wright at the PIHRA 2020 Legal Update will explore California’s new laws impacting employment law settlements, including California Assembly Bill 9 (AB 9) extending the statute of limitations on discrimination, harassment and labor law claims from one year to three years.

Additionally, Angela will cover Assembly Bill 749 (AB 749), which prohibits employers from requiring employees to agree to “no rehire” as a condition of settlement. This session also will revisit the laws that were passed in 2019 that impact employment law settlements, and will explore how these laws have been implemented over the last year along with practical considerations for continuing to implement these laws in 2020. 

Angela will provide takeaways such as:

  • An understanding of California’s new laws impacting the negotiation of employment law settlements.
  • Practical considerations, tips and tools for implementing these new laws.
  • Revisiting the 2019 laws impacting employment law settlements, including an overview of how those laws have been implemented in mediation and settlement negotiations over the last year, coupled with tips and tools for continuing to implement these laws in 2020 and beyond.

Angela’s PIHRA 2020 Legal Update session “You Can’t Work Here Anymore! And Other 2020 California Laws Impacting Employment Law Settlements” will be informative and entertaining. It’s a must-attend for California employers who need to know about these complex legislative topics. Above all, business owners and HR pros will gain the insight needed to navigate the trickiest new 2020 employment laws in California.

PIHRA Programs Chair Baskaran Ambalavanan had the chance interview the speaker Angela Reddock-Wright about her session. Read on to learn more about this tricky topic and what you can expect at the PIHRA 2020 Legal Update.

Speaker Spotlight: Angela Reddock-Wright, Reddock Law Firm

Special thanks to contributing writer and PIHRA Programs Chair, Baskaran Ambalavanan. Baskaran conducted this interview with PIHRA 2020 Legal Update presenter Angela Reddock-Wright.

PIHRA: Many new laws become effective 2020. In your view, which one will have an immediate impact with California employers?

Angela Reddock-Wright: I would look out for AB5, the Independent Contractor Law, AB9, the SHARE  (Stop Harassment and Reporting Extension Act) AB51, Mandatory Arbitration Agreements, and AB749, the Ban on No-Rehire Provisions in Settlement Agreements.

AB 9 appears to be a game-changer for California employers. Do you agree?

Angela Reddock-Wright: For sure. This extends the statute of limitations for individuals to file an administrative (DFEH or EEOC) claim from 1 year to 3 years. This is likely to increase the number of claims that come forward because of the time extension.

As a result of AB 749, what CA employers can do to protect them from future claims with the re-hired employees?

Angela Reddock-Wright: Firstly, employers should immediately respond when an employee makes a complaint. Secondly, investigate and try resolving any complaints within a reasonable time after the complaint is made. Thirdly, be sure not to retaliate against any employees who complain. Finally, take steps to protect employees who complain.

What significant way the new CA laws impact the negotiations in the employment disputes? 

Angela Reddock-Wright: The cost to settle cases may increase, particularly where an employee works for the company still. We are likely to see an increase in employment law cases filed. 

Why are you excited to present at the PIHRA 2020 Legal Update?

Angela Reddock-Wright: I’m excited to present at the PIHRA 2020 Legal Update because human resource professionals are on the frontlines of implementing the new laws. So, having the opportunity to provide them updates on changes in the laws is exciting to me. Anything that empowers our frontline team is exciting to me!  

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About Angela J. Reddock-Wright, Esq., AWI-CH, Presenter at the PIHRA 2020 Legal Update

You Can't Work Here! with Angela Reddock-Wright at PIHRA 2020 Legal UpdateNamed a “Top California Employment Lawyer” by the Daily Journal, and one of Los Angeles’ “Most Influential Minority and Women Attorneys” by the Los Angeles Business Journal, Angela Reddock-Wright is the Managing Partner of the Reddock Law Group. A practicing attorney for nearly twenty-one (22) years, and a former employment and labor law litigator for more than fifteen (15) years, Angela’s practice now focuses on the mediation, arbitration and investigation of workplace disputes. In her investigation practice, Angela is retained by public, private, and non-profit sector employers to conduct independent and neutral investigations of workplace harassment, discrimination and other claims.

Angela is the President-Elect of the Southern California Mediation Association, and is a member of the distinguished panel of arbitrators and mediators for the American Arbitration Association. She is a Member of the Los Angeles County Equity Oversight Panel, an independent oversight body comprised of employment law experts, that advises the County on equity investigations.

Angela has extensive training in conducting workplace investigations, and holds certificates from the Association of Workplace Investigators (“AWI-CH”), and T9 Mastered training for conducting Title IX sexual assault, harassment, and misconduct investigations.

Angela also is a published author, and frequent speaker on preventing sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, along with other workplace topics. She also is an Associate Professor at California State University Dominguez Hills, in the Negotiations, Conflict, Resolution, and Peace (NCRP) program, and is an Instructor in the human resources certification program at UCLA Extension.

Angela is a graduate of UCLA School of Law, Amherst College, and the Coro Foundation Fellowship in Public Policy and Public Affairs. She received her training as a mediator from the Strauss Institute at the Pepperdine University School of Law.

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Interview Conducted by Baskaran Ambalavanan, MBA, SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP, PIHRA Programs Chair

Baskaran Ambalavanan, PIHRA Programs ChairBaskaran Ambalavanan, MBA, has more than two decades of HR experience in India, Oman, and the U.S. in both the functional HR and in the HRIS/HR Technology.

He is the Principal of Hila Solutions, LLC, a full-service HR Technology Advisory firm for SMEs. Baskaran earned his MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School, U.K. and also certified in SPHR, SHRM-SCP, GPHR, and PHRca.

He is based in Irvine, California and serving as the Programs Chair for PIHRA and an active volunteer leader in SHRM, IHRIM. In his role as PIHRA Programs Chair, Baskaran is instrumental in curating HR sessions for the PIHRA Legal Update and the California HR Conference. He is responsible for assembling the Task Force that selects California HR Conference speakers.

You can follow Baskaran’s insights on all things technology, HR, leadership, and strategy on Twitter at @baski_LA and LinkedIn. Register today to join us at a PIHRA 2020 Legal Update near you and learn from the top legal experts in California!


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