Tribute to Anita Gorino


Anita Renate Gorino

“JUNE 24, 1941 – FEBRUARY 11, 2023”

Dear PIHRA community,

It’s with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our long term member and previous president of PIHRA, Anita Gorino.

Anita spent most of her professional career (40+ years) as a Human Resource consultant and was well respected by her peers. She was most proud of her SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resource) Certification. She mentored many up-and-coming HR professionals and devoted many years of service to her profession including her long standing membership with PIHRA (Professional in Human Resources Association) from 1985 to 2023 and many hours of volunteer work. She also served as president of PIHRA in 1996 and served on the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Area 6 Board for three years.

She will be deeply missed by all of us, and her contributions to PIHRA will never be forgotten. Therefore, we have gathered some memories from PIHRA members to continue to celebrate Anita’s character and contributions:

Long-time PIHRA Member and volunteer

I met Anita Gorino in 1995 at a PIHRA chapter meeting. I started going to the meetings with my manager and noticed that Anita always asked the speakers great questions and knew most people in the room. I asked for an introduction, and the next thing I knew, I was on the Board of Directors for the Chapter. Anita and I went to almost all PIHRA meetings together. She ended up being a consultant for the company I work for, and she used to do our Affirmative Action plans and sexual harassment training.

When I lost my first husband, Anita was right there and gave me a lot of support. Then a few years later, she lost her husband, and I was one of the first people that she called. I was there immediately, and we went through the grieving process together. Anita was a mentor and a great friend for me. Being in HR, you can’t always talk to people about situations at work, but I knew that she would understand and be there to listen and give advice.

My favorite memory of Anita is her 70th birthday party in Las Vegas. We hired a Hummer Limo and toured all over Las Vegas. Anita was always up for an adventure. She loved attending the Club PIHRA events such as LA Zoo, LA Sparks basketball, and Pirates Dinner Adventure.

She was a true friend and had such a passion for the HR Profession.

PIHRA Regional Rep, Valley Region

Anita is a bright light and a champion for her beliefs. She did not back down from challenges and at the same time listened to other points of view. She was a friend for life; she did not forget anything that anyone did for her, big or small. She treasured her friendships and truly loved people.

She was so interested in everyone, particularly new HR professionals. She wanted to see everyone succeed in their professional careers as well as their personal life. She always found time to talk to everyone at socials/mixers and PIHRA meetings – all of them! Her passion and I mean extreme passion for the HR profession was never lost on anyone. She promoted the profession, PIHRA, and carried the torch to be sure each professional was certified. She was very proud that she was one of the first to earn her SPHR credentials and encouraged and mentored many to obtain their credentials.

Anita championed the student competition that SHRM now hosts and immersed herself in the development of the format. She volunteered for this event any time she was able, she encouraged teams to compete and recruited volunteers. She never missed an opportunity to talk with the students and find out what their career aspirations were and to help them make connections.

Anita helped me when I started consulting. She engaged me with some of her consulting projects and introduced me to her contacts. She was bound and determined to see that I had every opportunity to succeed. She did with and for several HR professionals – she knew there was more than enough projects for everyone and that we are all unique in our talents and ways of working with clients.

My favorite memory was Anita recruiting me for the student (games) competition. Originally, named games when she introduced the event. She lit up talking about the students, how bright they are , how much she learned from them. She told me I would never forget the experience and she was right! However, it was watching the students seek her out that is my favorite memory. She lights up a room, challenges everyone to do more/better, and boosts everyone up with thoughtful honest feedback and compliments.

Woodland Hills, Board Advisor

Anita was the very first person I met at my first PIHRA meeting in 1997. By the end of that meeting, I was on the Membership Committee!

Anita‘s eyes lit up the room with her smile and her laugh was genuine and infectious. I’m grateful she got me deeply involved with PIHRA, and her guidance as I moved through my various Board positions through these years was invaluable. She was a tremendous asset to our Board in her advisory role and her absence is and will be deeply felt.


A celebration of life service for Anita will be held Thursday, March 2, 2023
from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

at Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks-Griffin Memorial Park, Mortuary & Crematory

5600 Lindero Canyon Road, Westlake Village, CA 91362.


Reception at the Elks Lodge Thousand Oaks will follow (address/directions will be available at the service).



Alma Pinedo