Why PIHRA Members Belong at the California HR Conference

Why PIHRA Members Belong at the California HR Conference

PIHRA logo and California HR Logo together in the same space

When we’re asked what the connection is between PIHRA and the California HR Conference, we point to the “Created and curated by the Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA,)” part of our annual HR event description. Because of these roots, PIHRA members at CAHR20 will enjoy just a few more perks than non-members. If you’re thinking about joining us August 30 – September 2, (and we hope you are) consider becoming a PIHRA member first! But don’t worry – CAHR20 is for everyone in the human resources space, regardless of affiliation or location! Now let’s look at why PIHRA members are so at home there:

The first and most obvious benefit is the savings.

PIHRA members at CAHR20 get THE BEST rates on conference registration. Period. We appreciate that our members invested in their professional development by joining PIHRA. It’s our pleasure to extend their member benefits beyond PIHRA Workplace, PIHRA Connect, dozens of HR professional education programs, the instant access to the local, hyper-connected SoCal HR Community and a ton more. As a member, you’ll save nearly $200 off the onsite rate if you register by February 14 while non-member rates are $50 higher. Now consider this; the California HR Conference has always been one of the most affordable, multi-day annual HR events so your PIHRA member savings are like a bonus on top of an already amazing deal. 

Up next is the PIHRA legacy.

The California HR Conference was born by PIHRA more than 60 years ago, cultivated and grown by PIHRA to best represent the HR community in California and beyond. There’s a history of elevating HR to the world – starting right here in SoCal – that PIHRA members can feel proud to be a part of. Now HR professionals come from more than a dozen countries to join PIHRA members in learning about bleeding edge industry trends, best practices and enjoy four days of fun!

Last but not least, it’s the best event for PIHRA members to network.

PIHRA members make up a tight knit community of both professional connections and personal friendships. When the end of August rolls around, they all know those three days in Long Beach are the best way to see so many friendly faces and valuable business contacts. It’s as much about catching up as it is being seen and making career moves. When members from all the PIHRA chapters get together with HR pros from the rest of California, the country and the globe, networks grow stronger. 

If you’re already a PIHRA member, we can’t wait to see you at CAHR20 (and hope you take advantage of Preview rates before they’re gone February 14). If you aren’t a PIHRA member yet, join today; we’d love to have you as part of our community!


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