Introducing the New PIHRA Brand

Hello New PIHRA Brand!

Introducing PIHRA's Fresh New Brand

A New Look For An Evolving Industry

PIHRA has been a staple in the professional human resources community for 75 years. As our HR community and industry evolve, so do we. Perhaps you noticed a few changes on the very page you’re reading right now! In the spirit of honoring and reflecting the dynamic professionals we serve, it’s our pleasure to introduce the new PIHRA brand identity and updated website. 

Choosing a new brand look was not a question we took lightly. Over the past two years, the PIHRA Board of Directors invested substantial time and energy into discussing and mapping the future vision for the association. As a part of that work, the board looked at the association’s mission and revised it the following: To engage, elevate, and serve the California human resource community through innovative programming, professional development and high-impact networking opportunities.

In order to fulfill this mission, we refreshed the PIHRA brand so that it, too, reflects our dedication to a consistently evolving professional practice. We chose bold colors to represent the diversity of our members and volunteers, while also distinguishing our headquarters, 17 chapters, nine student groups, and other special groups including the PIHRA Foundation, PIHRA Young Professionals, and Club PIHRA. Our new font combines elements of structure and fluidity to represent the varied and wide-ranging role of HR. And lastly, our new logo design embodies the truly human element in the middle of everything we do to help HR professionals progress in their careers and continue to drive organizational success.

PIHRA's beautiful Southern region
When you serve an area this beautiful, your brand needs to keep up!

How the new PIHRA brand impacts you

So what does this refresh mean for our members? It means a faster, optimized PIHRA website with advanced UX that places the most useful elements of the site front and center. It also means a modern, stylish new look to everything in your PIHRA universe. In the very near future, you’ll see our new branding across all our online and in-person properties; social media, emails, blog posts, live events, and branded PIHRA gear. 

How the new PIHRA brand impacts your membership

What does this refresh mean for your PIHRA membership? Your PIHRA membership is still the same wise investment it always was. The comprehensive list of PIHRA member benefits you’ve enjoyed hasn’t changed a bit.

How the refresh impacts your PIHRA profile

What about your PIHRA profile? Your password and profile on are still the same and will work just as they have before, though we think you’ll enjoy the experience of navigating your profile and all of much more. 

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating our refreshed look and website by telling your colleagues about it and following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. As always, if you have any questions about the new look or your membership, we’re here for you. Just reach out to or call us at 424-329-0200. 

Please take a few moments to explore the site and your profile, then let us know what you think. Thank you for your continued support and for helping us make the PIHRA community truly successful!