How to Prepare Yourself for an HR Interview.

Are You Prepared for an HR Interview?

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Secure an interview first. 

Navigating through an intensely competitive job market is intimidating, especially when you can’t find anything to set you apart from thousands of job seekers in the HR industry. PIHRA Career Center is an online career destination that offers a wealth of resources to help you stand out from the competition. Keep reading to learn more about how to secure and prep for an HR interview and examples of interview questions.

Your Cover Letter is Key

Your cover letter is one of the best ways to showcase your skills and standout from other candidates. Some best practices include, having a compelling but a brief introduction to capture the reader’s attention. Also, list your most relevant HR qualifications in reverse chronological order according to the date you completed them.

In addition, when you list your skills and further training, use bullet points or a numbered list, using key words related to the job qualifications such as talent management, training and deployment and more. There are also other elements that are necessary for a good cover letter in HR, read more about it here.

Prep for your interview.

Once you’ve secured your HR interview, here’s how to prepare.

  • Do your homework and research the company you’re interviewing with.
  • Do some research on the person you will be interviewing with too.
  • Re-read the job description and make sure you fully understand the role.
  • Review your cover letter and resume and be prepared to answer any questions about it.
  • Prepare answers to questions that may be asked. Click here to review common HR interview questions you may encounter.

Not sure if your resume or CV makes the cut?

Upload your resume to the PIHRA Career Center and request a review from the experts to help you list your strengths and weaknesses. This service gives you the opportunity to have your resume sent to a resume-writing expert. Within 48 hours of opt-in, you will receive an evaluation outlining your strengths, weaknesses and suggestions to ensure you have the best chance of landing an interview.

You will then receive email confirmation from your personal resume expert.



Content sourced from Avado. To read more helpful tips, click here.


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