HR For All: We’re Listening

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We’re listening.

On June 4, our community received a message from PIHRA that was not communicated in a manner that was clear on its intent. We apologize that the message was insensitive to the recent incident involving George Floyd and protests around the world.

Let us be clear on our values: PIHRA stands in solidarity with the black community and supports the voice of all those who have suffered injustice.

As an association, our commitment is to the HR community and we acknowledge that we failed to adequately support our black HR professionals both in our statement and in our past inaction.

We remain dedicated to our task at hand: sourcing and providing the resources HR practitioners need in this moment, including and especially resources that open a dialogue and move us toward inclusion. 


Your voice matters to us.

If you have any responses for us, you are welcome to contribute below. 

We appreciate your input and are grateful to serve you.

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Lili Arguello