Why OnePoint Human Capital Management is Proud to Support the 2021 California Employment Law Update


2021 California Employment Law Update Interview with Title Sponsor OnePoint Human Capital Management

Meet CELU21 Title Sponsor OnePoint Human Capital Management.

The HR community has relied on our annual California Employment Law Update by PIHRA (formerly PIHRA Legal Update) to provide the latest information on workplace legislation each year. There are many facets in creating such a successful event so many HR professionals consistently turn to. One of the main reasons PIHRA is able to produce a high quality program full of the best content is because of the continues support from OnePoint Human Capital Management.

OnePoint Human Capital Management has proudly been our title sponsor since 2017. Through the years, they’ve trusted PIHRA in educating the HR community in the latest compliance and regulatory issues. OnePoint HCM’s dedication and commitment to our annual California Employment Law Update has greatly contributed to our attendees’ dynamic experience. 

To further enhance your CELU21 experience this year, OnePoint HCM is providing registered attendees with the chance to win one of many amazing prizes – once you’ve registered for CELU21, sign up here to be entered! Don’t forget to stop by their virtual booth at CELU21 to say “hi” and to learn how OnePoint HCM can assist in the success of your organization. 

We interviewed Heath Hutchison of OnePoint Human Capital Management to share with you why they’ve been a proud sponsor of PIHRA and the California Employment Law Update.

PIHRA: Why OnePoint is so proud to support the California Employment Law Update?

OnePoint HCM: Navigating a complex and changing regulatory environment and employment laws requires knowledge and execution.

There are countless examples of businesses that get in trouble simply because they didn’t know they were doing anything wrong. OnePoint HCM is proud to support the California Legal update event to provide HR leaders with a high caliber and comprehensive education that identifies the critical employment laws that employers need to know to keep their organization on track and compliant.

Of course once attendees understand the key compliance issues that will affect their business, the next step is to develop the tools, processes and reporting to proactively manage risk.

That is where OnePoint comes in. We deliver a full suite workforce management platform that unifies HR, timekeeping, benefits, and payroll into one place. This opens the opportunity to more easily to track issues or exceptions, reduce wage and hour risk, streamline employee leaves, deliver required training and more. The Employment Law update gives us a great opportunity to discuss issues with HR leaders.

PIHRA: Why OnePoint is so proud to support “Professionals In Human Resources Association”?

OnePoint HCM: Our business revolves around HR leaders and understanding the key challenges that they face. OnePoint has supported PIHRA at the association level and at the chapter levels for almost 10 years. Many may recognize our name as the Bingo Sponsor at the California HR Conference, but over the years we have sponsored mixers, symposiums, chapter meetings and more. Even now our Regional Manager Trey Manganaan is a volunteer on the board of the PIHRA LA Chapter. PIHRA provides many great opportunities to build relationships with clients, prospects, partners and brokers in a fun and professional setting.

PIHRA: What has the OnePoint team seen attendees take away from the event during their time as a sponsors/on the expo hall floor/while socializing?

OnePoint HCM: The reason we continue to sponsor and support PIHRA is because the high quality events for the members and attendees. This means that PIHRA draws HR practitioners and other professionals from across Southern California and we benefit from the increased interest and growing attendance we have seen over the past 10 years. HR practitioners know that they will get their money’s worth by attending a PIHRA event.

PIHRA: What makes the PIHRA experience different from other HR events?

OnePoint HCM: In our experience working with PIHRA as a sponsor, they do make a concerted effort to drive engagement and awareness before, during and after events. And as a sponsor we also appreciate the quantity and quality of events across the board. Any event we have participated in from networking, virtual, meet and greets, to their flagship events like the Employment Law conference and CA HR all get great participation because PIHRA is well known for their high quality events.

PIHRA: What impresses you the most about the attendees they meet/the interactions they have at the event?

OnePoint HCM: Our goal is simply be able to meet potential customers and have open conversations about who OnePoint HCM is and why our unified HCM platform and services can provide value. PIHRA has done a great job over the years developing great education programs covering critical issues and compliance topics relevant to running a business in California and beyond.

When we are able to mingle with members and attendees who have just seen or heard an expert discuss a relevant topic, this turns into a excellent opportunity to start a meaningful conversations about issues and dive into how OnePoint could help them develop a solution to what they might be struggling to manage with their current systems and processes. Events like the Employment Law update give us a chance to see the HR perspective on these new laws and compliance issues then discuss how we can provide a solution to automate manual process, to track issues or exceptions real-time, reduce wage and hour risk, improve planning and budgeting and streamline reporting and analytics all in one system.


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