Boost your HR career with the Membership/Registration Bundle

Boost your HR career with the Membership/Registration Bundle

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The HR career you want tomorrow is built today. With PIHRA, you’ll achieve more for your career with continuing educational opportunities and instant access to the largest local HR network in the United States. Members renew year after year because they excel in their roles thanks to the career boosting advantages PIHRA provides.

And PIHRA has made it easy and affordable to package your education with the member benefits you need. Join or renew your PIHRA membership by bundling it with registration for CELU21 for just $100!

Workplace law in California is complex and consistently changing. But you’re the one everyone counts on to know what’s new, answer questions and avoid risk. That’s exactly why you should come to the source of information on the latest information: PIHRA’s 2021 California Employment Law Update. We’ve moved the meeting date to follow legislation changes so you can understand the impact on your company and get back to guiding your team confidently.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you had all your questions answered, documents created and understanding expanded. As a PIHRA member attending CELU21, you’ll have the information and resources to make it easier to do your job better now, in 2022 and beyond.

Join/Renew and Register Now for a comprehensive program streaming October 28 that covers the most critical changes, presented by lawyers and HR leaders.

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