Student Membership Eligibility
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At PIHRA, we also recognize that many scenarios exist for students who are attending school and/or completing an HR-related course.

Student Membership Eligibility

1.      Must be a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student in an accredited college or university.
2.      Enrolled in a minimum of 8 units under the quarter system, or 6 units at an under the semester system.
3.      Academic course work must have a Human Resources emphasis or be closely related.
4.      Unemployed or working 20 hours or less per week, not receiving benefits.
5.      Proof of Eligibility:
             a.   Submit Current class schedule to
             b.   Signed Faculty approval form to
6.      Payment of $30 for Student Membership.


Student Membership Application
Student Membership Guidelines
Student Membership Faculty Approval Form
Student Membership Benefits
Student to Professional Transition Program

Part-Time Student Discount Eligibility

An example of an individual who may not completely meet the student membership requirements is an individual who works a full-time job, and is enrolled in a Human Resource course at UCLA Extension.  Below are some guidelines that we use to determine if an individual is eligible for the part-time student discount. 

1.      Must be enrolled in a minimum of one course at an accredited college or university.
2.      Program course work must have a Human Resources emphasis or be closely related.
3.      Proof of Eligibility:
             a.   Submit Current class schedule. 
             b.   Signed Faculty approval form.
4.     Payment of PIHRA Membership minus $50 discount. 


Part-Time Student Membership Application
Part-Time Student Membership Faculty Approval Form

Student-to-Professional Membership Program

Are you graduating soon?  Become a Professional or General PIHRA Member.  Get the job of your dreams.  Impress your boss.  Continue to grow as a leader.  

Save $55 and upgrade to a Professional or General Member today!

PIHRA student members who are graduating may upgrade to professional membership at a special discounted rate of $95, regularly $150.

Become a Professional Member Now.

Whether you’re starting your first job or already working in the HR field, you'll be able to utilize PIHRA's resources to enhance your career. 

Below are 5 steps that will guarantee you fully take advantage of your PIHRA professional membership.

STEP 1.  Network with your community of HR peers (and receive re-certification credits) by attending PIHRA monthly meetings.   Find a monthly Location meeting near you on our PIHRA calendar.  
STEP 2.  Plan your professional development schedule and attend PIHRA continuing education sessions at member discounted rates.
STEP 3.  Take advantage of some of our exclusive member-only resources:

o   Ask an HR Advisor provides members with 10 calls or two hours of live HR advice each year.
o   HR Compliance Center is an award-winning resource center of HR tools, including a job description builder and a downloadable employee handbook.

STEP 4.  Access our website; it was updated in 2014 and is now optimized for mobile viewing.


Student to Professional Transition Program  
Student to Professional Transition Invoice

Frequently Asked Questions

Webpage: Student Membership FAQ
Download Student Membership FAQ

Join as a PIHRA student member today!

Please contact PIHRA at 310-416-1210 or for more information about the discount for part-time students.

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