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HR Talent & Tech | Professionals Fear HR Tech Replacing Them

Tuesday, October 11, 2016   (0 Comments)
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Loni Spratt, Head of Customer Success at Entelo

“Recruiting and HR Technology doesn’t have to be so hard!”

“H.R. technology is a vehicle to make H.R. professionals and recruiters more efficient and allow recruiting professionals and H.R. professionals to use their time more effectively for higher value activities that no robots or technology will ever be able to do stop fearing technology and embrace it because that's the way of the future.”


What will people learn during your session?

Sourcing and recruiting strategies using specifically technology and social data to help build a more diverse talent pipeline within your companies.

“There is this idea that recruiters and professionals fear the HR technology will replace them - that robots are coming to take our jobs and that’s not the case. HR technology is a tool to make HR recruiters and professionals more efficient.  Stop fearing technology and embrace it because this is the way of the future.”

Why should the audience be excited?

Diversity has become such a major initiative that companies are actually hiring heads of diversity and inclusion to help tackle the challenge. Companies are being scrutinized for their lack of diversity and they often don’t know how to start. Loni has the expertise and  is excited to share how you can begin with the talent pipeline, the people you are bringing in from the top of the funnel. 

Starting with a few basic strategies and techniques you can increase the diversity of their top of funnel that can end up making a big impact on the hiring of diverse candidates.

“Recruiting and HR Technology initiatives often don’t have to be so hard. These are necessary but it doesn’t have to be a mountain to climb. I will teach you simple strategies that  you can walk away with and start implementing tomorrow!” 

"You’re not going to find the only answer here but you will gain some tangible and practical actions that you can go implement next week at your company." 


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