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Tuesday, October 4, 2016   (0 Comments)
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Britt Andreatta, MA, PhD --- Speaker, Consultant, Coach and Author for, a LinkedIn company. Author of Wired to Grow about the brain science of learning. 

“There are many easy-to-implement solutions that facilitate change and help employees to be more adaptable.” 

- Britt Andreatta, PhD.


Dr. Britt Andreatta is the CEO of Andreatta Consulting, a firm that helps organizations reach their full potential. Britt is also the former Chief Learning Officer for, and former Senior Learning Consultant for Leadership and Talent Development at LinkedIn. 

Britt received her doctorate in Education, Leadership, and Organizations and has studied the intersection of Leadership and Learning for over 20 years. Britt synthesizes research from a range of disciplines to provide practical strategies for HR/talent professionals to use in their organizations.

“We are biologically wired to resist change. The solution must also be based in our biology.”

- Britt Andreatta, PhD.

What will people learn during your session?

People will learn how technology can facilitate change. Britt has been studying the neuroscience of change and why 70% of change initiatives fail. She says, “We are working against human biology and specifically how the brain responds to change. While we may address some aspects in our change management plans, we are not addressing them fully.” Dr. Andreatta will present strategies, both low and high tech, for working with the brain to make your change initiatives succeed.  

“Change fatigue is real, and there are biological factors that drive it.”

- Britt Andreatta, PhD.

Why should the audience be excited to hear your session?

Britt muses, “This has been an intriguing part of my own research and intellectual curiosity. After LinkedIn acquired Lynda, a major change experience, I realized that all the information we are using to guide change is not enough. This spurred my own deep exploration into the neuroscience research. I’m really excited to share what I’ve found because these strategies are proving to have the secret sauce in them!”  

“We all know about the change curve, and while it’s an accurate model, today’s work place change means that we’re going through many change curves simultaneously. None of our change solutions are addressing that.”

- Britt Andreatta, PhD.

Do you have a mantra related to HR or Technology?

Dr. Andreatta’s mantra has also become her company’s slogan, “I believe in helping organizations and people rise to their potential. We all have potential that we have not yet reached. And I love working in the field that  helps them get there.”

What is you favorite quote?

Britt’s favorite quote is from Maya Angelou, “When we know better, we do better.” 


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