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HR Talent & Tech: Sneak Preview

Tuesday, September 20, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Jonathan Menendez
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What will people learn during your keynote presentation?

As more and more Millennials enter the workforce, most of the talent you're recruiting will be digital natives. I'll show the audience how they can better engage that talent through tools they're already familiar with, like apps and online learning.

What is exciting about your session?

“One third of your new hires are looking for a new position within six months. If you don't grab their attention today, you might be saying goodbye to them in six months.”

“I've made myself an expert on "Talent and Technology." For the last few years, as we've developed Yoi, I've been deep in the weeds of employee engagement and the importance of onboarding in that process. It's still pretty new, but I think your audience will have that great "aha" moment when they realize we've found a way to onboard that new talent so that they're engaged from the moment they arrive.”

 What are your thoughts on HR and Technology? 

“Too many managers and HR execs see technology as an evil to be tolerated; I see it as an awesome resource to be embraced!”

“Overworked managers + feedback-oriented Millennials = a potential perfect storm in the workplace.”


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