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Job Seeker Materials 


PIHRA Foundation Booklet: You and Your First Job

This booklet is designed to help you discover where the job opportunities are and how to get a job. It contains the step by step process you need to know. Although this handbook contains suggestions that will help you, YOU are the most important part in finding a job. You will have to spend time and be organized, dedicated, resourceful and enthusiastic and this booklet is a great resource to help you get started. Are you interested in a pdf file? Please email us at


PIHRA Foundation Booklet: You and Your Next Job

It's called the information age, the 24/7 workplace, and the service economy. But no matter what you call it, the 21st century is bringing far-reaching changes ill the way we live and work and learn.

You can see changes going on all around you. There are new jobs, new ways to work, new technologies, and new challenges. As you look to the future you may feel overwhelmed and insecure, or excited and confident. 

Do you have what it takes to find success in the 21st century work force? Sure you do! While you may not have the sophisticated skills or abilities for this "high-tech" century, if you have a great attitude and a willingness and enthusiasm to learn, you will find limitless opportunities. 

Finding, choosing and building a career takes a lot of work, knowledge and support because careers just don't work like they used to. This booklet is organized around a four-step career development process: Discover, Explore, Decide, and Act.   

It is our hope that reading and completing the activities and suggestions in this Booklet, will help you find a career path filled with extraordinary success.

"Follow your bliss and be what you want to be.  Don’t climb the ladder of success  only to find its leaning against the wrong wall.” - Bernie Siegel

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