PIHRA 2018 Legal Updates Prizes | Anaheim
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Prizes Announced at PIHRA 2018 Legal Updates in Anaheim

Looking for the list of Exhibitor Prizes and Winners? You're in the right place. Congratulations to the PIHRA 2018 Legal Updates Anaheim attendees who won these fabulous prizes!

Grand Prize Winner Raynetta W!

Congratulations to Raynetta W., who took home the Grand Prize bottle of Dom Pérignon!

Here are the rest of the lucky recipients:

  1. Winner Name: Don Anwar-Kelley
    •  Winner Company: Clean Cut Technologie LLC
    •  Prize: Coffee Bean Gift Card
    •  Presented by: The Society for Financial Awareness
  2.  Winner Name: Kavita Eng, Dolores Winchell, Nikki Nguyen, Don Anwar
    •  Winner Company: Various
    •  Prize: Balboa Water Bottle
    •  Presented by: Balboa Horizons Recovery Services
  3.  Winner Name: Catherine O’Reilly
    •  Winner Company: James Hardie
    •  Prize: $50 Gift of College Gift Card
    •  Presented by: ScholarShare 529
  4.  Winner Name: Tricia Condon
    •  Winner Company: Atriology Solutions Group
    •  Prize: Kate Spade Wallet
    •  Presented by: Hub International
  5.  Winner Name: Janice Normandy-Ventura
    •  Winner Company: Insperity
    •  Prize: 2 tickets and Harry Potter Gift Bag
    •  Presented by: Universal Studios Hollywood
  6. Winner Name: Alicia Sims
    •  Winner Company: Desser Holdings, LLC
    •  Prize: $50 Visa Gift Card
    •  Presented by: Frasco Profiles
  7.  Winner Name: Sandra Capone
    •  Winner Company: Fieldstead & Co., Inc.
    •  Prize:$50 Visa Gift Card
    •  Presented by: Landmark Healthplan
  8.  Winner Name: Peg Salava
    •  Winner Company: Western State College of Law
    •  Prize: $50 Target Gift Card
    •  Presented by: Credit Union of Southern California
  9.  Winner Name: Roxanne Tran
    •  Winner Company: Ellison
    •  Prize: $140 Glen Ivy Gift Card
    •  Presented by: OnePoint Human Capital Management
  10.  Winner Name: Cheryl Sanchez and Eloisa Perard
    •  Winner Company: QueensCare and Stericycle
    •  Prize: 2 “Swag Bags”
    •  Presented by: Claremont Lincoln University
  11. Winner Name: Robin Conradi
    •  Winner Company: Kronos
    •  Prize: Amazon Echo Dot
    •  Presented by: Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP
  12. Winner Name: Sandra Meza
    •  Winner Company: Chavez Foundation
    •  Prize: PHRca Study Guide
    •  Presented by: Train Me Today
  13.  Winner Name: Alicia Sims
    •  Winner Company: Desser Holdings
    •  Prize: TMT Beach Chair
    •  Presented by: Train Me Today
  14.  Winner Name: Cheryl Avilez
    •  Winner Company: AALRR
    •  Prize: Two (2) Tickets to Magic Mountain
    •  Presented by: Six Flags  Magic Mountain
  15.  Winner Name: Judy McBride
    •  Winner Company: Westview Services
    •  Prize: $250 Gift Card
    •  Presented by: Sullivan Curtis Monroe
  16. Winner Name: Alicia Sims
    •  Winner Company: Desser Holdings, LLC
    •  Prize: Michael Kors Backpack
    •  Presented by: Montage Insurance Solutions
  17.  Winner Name: Roxanne Tran
    •   Winner Company: Ellison
    • Prize: Fitbit Charge 2
    •  Presented by: Aon

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