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We’re supporting HR professionals as you and your employees return to work in the age of the novel coronavirus.

PIHRA’s mission is to engage, elevate and serve the California human resource community through innovative programming, professional development and high-impact networking opportunities. In this unprecedented time, that still holds true.

Please review this page regularly for public resources, member benefit access, and upcoming webinars with the most up-to-date resources for the HR community.

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HR Resources for COVID-19

PIHRA’s Response to COVID-19

Human resources professionals are critical to companies and communities during times of crisis, and we at PIHRA remain dedicated to supporting HR professionals in Southern California and beyond as the workforce begins to head back to work.

The health and safety of our members, volunteers, staff, colleagues, family, and friends is our top priority as we make decisions about how to best support our community in the coming weeks and months. All our decisions about in-person PIHRA events will be based on guidance and recommendations from the CDC, WHO, state, and local officials. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, so too will our decisions.

As of June 4th, all in-person PIHRA events are cancelled through the end of August.

We will continue to send updates about changes to our operations and the services we provide as new safety and health information becomes available.

While we have to make adjustments to our in-person events and content, our commitment to the success and development of HR professionals remains as strong as ever. We plan to provide content and programming on virtual platforms accessible to everyone. In the meantime, we will post general facts, resources, and company updates on

We appreciate your patience during this stressful time as we do our best to serve our members and the HR community in California.


HR Resources for COVID-19

COVID-19 Public Resource Hub

New Guidance from the DOL on Administering FFCRA Leaves

Resource provided by ThinkHR

We strongly suggest that employers read through the entire Question and Answers document prior to Wednesday, so they have an understanding of how the leaves work. The following are some highlights from the updated guidance.

COVID-19 FAQ from ThinkHR [PDF]

Federal Law Alert | Families First Coronavirus Response Act:

COVID-19: April 1 Effective Date for FFCRA Leaves

On Tuesday, March 24, the Department of Labor (DOL) announced that the effective date of the leaves available through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) will be April 1, 2020.

FFCRA Poster Questions [LINK]

Federal Workplace Posters [LINK]

Questions and Answers [LINK]

Fact Sheet for Employees [LINK]

Fact Sheet for Employer [LINK]

While the links above do not provide much new information, they are worth reviewing.

Please see our list of additional resources.

The California Labor & Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Resources for Employers and Workers [LINK]

In the face of the COVID-19, the Labor & Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) wants to keep workers, employers, co-workers, and families safe. What employees are entitled to may be confusing. We are trying to make it easier and spread awareness through this centralized source of info. Use the guidance below to determine what is best for you, your family, and your workplace.


Relocations, Terminations and Mass Layoffs in California are regulated by Labor Code sections 1400-1408 Generally, “an employer may not order a mass layoff, relocation, or termination at a covered establishment unless, 60 days before the order takes effect, the employer gives written notice of the order” to employees and the Employment Development Department and shall include the notice elements required by the Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (29 U.S.C. section. 2101 et seq.) (Labor Code section 1401(a)-(c)).

FAQ Regarding the Cal-WARN Act [LINK]

On March 17, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-31-20, which addressed the California Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act (Lab. Code §§ 1400, et seq.) and its 60-day notice requirement for closures of establishments. Pursuant to the direction in that Order, the Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and the Employment Development Department (EDD) provide the guidance below regarding the Order’s conditional suspension of the California WARN Act.

Filing Claims for Financial Assistance [LINK]

The one (1) week waiting period has been waived by the Governor’s Executive Order. If you are sick, quarantined, unable to work because of caregiver responsibilities or school closures, have reduced work hours or even if you’re self-employed and experiencing lost wages, you may be eligible to file an EDD claim. For employers managing workplace safety, reduced hours and potential layoffs, tax assistance may be available.

CDC Employer Guidance [LINK]

The following interim guidance may help prevent workplace exposures to acute respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, in non-healthcare settings. The guidance also provides planning considerations if there are more widespread, community outbreaks of COVID-19.

Cal-OSHA Guidance on Protecting Workers [LINK]

Workplace safety and health regulations in California require employers to protect workers exposed to airborne infectious diseases such as the coronavirus. Cal/OSHA has posted guidance to help employers comply with these safety requirements and to provide workers information on how to protect themselves.

EEOC Pandemic Flu Guidance [LINK]

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which protects applicants and employees from disability discrimination, is relevant to pandemic preparation in at least three major ways. It identifies established ADA principles that are relevant to questions frequently asked about workplace pandemic planning and provides information about Titles I and V of the ADA and pandemic planning in the workplace.

Department of Industrial Relations Coronavirus Wage & Hour Guidance [LINK]

The Department of Industrial Relations has provided answers to many frequently asked questions. Need to know if an employee can use California Paid Sick Leave due to COVID-19 illness? Wondering can an employer require a worker who is quarantined to exhaust paid sick leave? Seeking options for what to do if your child’s school or day care closes for reasons related to COVID-19?

Cal-OSHA Guidance for Healthcare Workers [LINK]

The Aerosol Transmissible Diseases (ATD) standard (California Code of Regulations, title 8, section 5199), contains requirements for protecting employees from diseases and pathogens transmitted by aerosols. COVID-19 is an airborne infectious disease covered by the ATD standard. This interim guidance provides employers and workers in health care settings with vital information for preventing exposure to the virus.

Family & Medical Leave Q&A [LINK]

Under the FMLA, covered employers must provide employees job-protected, unpaid leave for specified family and medical reasons, which may include the flu where complications arise. Employees on FMLA leave are entitled to the continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms as existed before they took FMLA leave. Further explanation and other related questions are answered here.

Learning Resources for Children During School Closures [LINK]

Digital resources have been created that align to state standards and develop a curriculum through PBS LearningMedia, a national digital resource that offers content to support educational assignments. KQED will host online training sessions for Los Angeles Unified teachers on how to use PBS LearningMedia. Educational content will also stream on the PBS SoCal and KCET websites, on the free KCET app – available on Roku and Apple TV – and on the PBS Video app, also available on Roku, Apple TV as well as Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Google Play and YouTube.

Family Resource Centers Available to Provide Childcare [LINK]

LAUSD has announced that 40 “family resource centers” will open to provide care for children on district campuses as of Wednesday, March 18. Once they’re open, the centers will be staffed on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. There, children will be able to have a warm meal, engage with their peers and pursue their different studies. The centers will serve as many students who have need for them. Details are still TBD.

SheppardMullin Coronavirus Insights [LINK]

On Monday, March 23 at 2:00pm, Greg Labate from Sheppard Mullin presented What to do When Managing a Remote Workforce is Mandatory. This link is Sheppard Mullin’s regularly updated resource Greg recommended during his webinar presentation.

SheppardMullin Coronavirus Insights [LINK]

On Monday, March 23 at 2:00pm, Greg Labate from Sheppard Mullin presented What to do When Managing a Remote Workforce is Mandatory. This link is Sheppard Mullin’s regularly updated resource Greg recommended during his webinar presentation.

Littler Coronavirus News Analysis [LINK]

Browse or search Littler’s news feed, which contains pertinent legal information specific to many states across the United States.


HR Resources for COVID-19

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HR Resources for COVID-19

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HR Resources for COVID-19

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FREE – Monday, March 30:

→ PIHRA COVID-19 Episode 3 – Tools HR Can Use in a Virtual Environment

FREE – Monday, April 6:

→ PIHRA COVID-19 Episode 4 – HR’s Role in Communications During a Crisis

Thursday, April 9:

→ Exceeding Employee Expectations in Times of Stress

FREE – Monday, April 13:

→ PIHRA COVID-19 Episode 5 – Anxiety Reduction Strategies in a Time of Crisis

Thursday, April 16:

→ LOA In The Time of COVID-19: How to Navigate Sick Leave, FMLA and Reasonable Accommodation

FREE – Monday, April 20:

→ PIHRA COVID-19 Episode 6: High on the Job? What Happens When Work and Home Overlap?

Thursday, April 23: 

→ Building Resilience & Boosting Immunity

FREE – Monday, April 27:

→ PIHRA COVID-19 Episode 7: How COVID-19 is Affecting Reasonable Accommodations

Thursday, April 30:

→ Coping Strategies for Managing Stress

FREE – Monday, May 4:

→ PIHRA COVID-19 Episode 8: Documentation Essentials

Thursday, May 7:

→ Proven Strategies to Keep Remote Workers Engaged, Enthused, and Effective

FREE – Monday, May 11:

→ PIHRA COVID-19 Episode 9: COVID-19 and Coronavirus Issues for Employers 3.0 – Getting Back to Work

Thursday, May 14:

→ Positively Reducing Conflict

FREE – Monday, May 18:

→ PIHRA COVID-19 Episode 10: Managing, Hiring & Onboarding Employees Remotely

FREE – Wednesday, May 20:

→ Master Class: Building EQ (Emotional Intelligence) During a Crisis

Thursday, May 21:

→ Empowering HR Leaders to Enhance Organizational Performance

FREE – Tuesday, May 26: 

→ PIHRA COVID-19 Episode 11: How to Prevent Managers from Breaking Employment Laws

Thursday, May 28:

→ Mastering the Moments: Five Key Shifts to Find Clarity and Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Monday, June 1:

→ PIHRA BTW Episode 1: Bringing the Workforce Back to Work–The Employer & Legal Perspective 

Thursday, June 4:

→ Making HR a Profit Center Driving Business Results with People Analytics

BACK TO WORK – Monday, June 8:

→ PIHRA BTW Episode 2: Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Office Wellness

Thursday, June 11:

→ Thriving in Your New Normal – How to Cultivate Resilience

BACK TO WORK – Monday, June 15

→ Episode 3: Returning to Work in Stage 2 – What to Do Now?

FREE – Wednesday, June 17:

→ FREE WEBINAR – College Savings: A Critical Part of Your Employees Wellness (Sponsored)

Thursday, June 18:

→ Response Agility for HR: Breaking Through Barriers

BACK TO WORK – Monday, June 22:

→ Episode 4: A New Era of Mental Health in the Workplace

BACK TO WORK – Monday, June 29: 

→ Episode 5: Returning to Work in Stage 3 – What to Know For the Near Future

Thursday, July 2:
Hosted by PIHRA Antelope Valley

→ The Cyber Tsunami and The Role That HR Must Play

Monday, July 6:
Hosted by PIHRA Ventura County

→ How to Prepare for a Virtual Job Interview – An Employer’s Perspective 

Thursday, July 9:
Hosted by PIHRA West Los Angeles

→ Leveraging Neuroscience to Address Counter-Productive Employee Behavior 

Monday, July 13:
Hosted by PIHRA South Bay 

→ Building the Next Generation of Management 

Monday, July 20
Hosted by PIHRA San Diego Community

→ 4 Step Guide to Workers Comp for Strategic HR Professional

(FREE) Thursday, July 23
Hosted by PIHRA Woodland Hills

→  A NEW Conversation on Diversity

Monday, July 27:
Hosted by PIHRA Los Angeles

→ Five Steps to Building Trust and Engagement in a (Remote) Work Environment

FREE – Wednesday, July 29:
Sponsored by Go365 by Humana

→ Rethinking Wellness: COVID and Beyond

Thursday, July 30:
Hosted by PIHRA Coachella Valley

→ COVID Concerns: Leaves, Screening, and Reopening

Thursday, August 6:
Hosted by PIHRA Woodland Hills

→ Battling Priorities: Heading Off Individual and Team Disruption

Thursday, August 13: 
Hosted by PIHRA Pasadena

→ The ABCs of AB5

Thursday, August 20:
Hosted by PIHRA Inland Valley

→ 34 Non-COVID Leave of Absence Scenarios and How to Handle Them

Thursday, August 27:
Hosted by PIHRA Burbank/Glendale

→ Storytelling for Organizations: An Employee Engagement Tool

Thursday, September 3:
Hosted by PIHRA Temecula Valley

→ Work Life Balance 2.0 (Even During COVID19)

Thursday, September 10:
Hosted by PIHRA Riverside

→ Relationship Equity – Get More by Giving More

Wednesday, September 16:

→ Wellness in a COVID World 

Tuesday, September 22:

→ #RealHR – PIHRA Round Table Discussion – Transitioning to an Anti-Racist Workplace

Friday, September 25: 

→ The Value of Conducting a Training-Needs Analysis

Wednesday, September 30:

→ (FREE!) Working Family Support During the Pandemic

Thursday, October 1:
Hosted by PIHRA Gateway Cities

→ 5 Tips for Effective Documentation with a COVID

Thursday, October 8:

→ How to Attract, Retain, and Engage Next Generation Talent in Uncertain Times

Thursday, October 8:
Featuring Special Guest Sherry Johnson, MBA, SHRM-SCP, CAE
SHRM Field Services Director for CA, LA, OK, TX

→ (FREE!) PIHRA Member Orientation Webinar – Learn how to get the most from PIHRA!

Thursday, October 15:

→ Managing Up: Making Difficult Conversations, Safe Conversations


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