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Three Ways To Make Your Organization Attractive To A Diverse Candidate Pool
  We know hiring practices aren't always inclusive, and while there's much for Californians to be happy about right now – unemployment remains low, wage growth continues, declining poverty rates – there is one HR data set that remains perpetually concerning: diverse hiring. Despite billions invested in diversity and inclusion interventions over the past decade, if you are recruiting for a
High-Impact Retention Strategies for a High Turnover World

Hiring in the last year has been one of the biggest challenges facing businesses, largely due to the complexities brought on because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are having a hard time finding people to fill positions, retaining current employees, and retaining them once they’re onboarded, resulting in a U.S. labor shortage unlike any other we’ve seen in the past.

Is Your Resume Up to Par?

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Diversify Your Recruitment Strategies

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3 Big Reasons to Renew Your PIHRA Membership (or Join!) Now
3 Big Reasons to Renew Your PIHRA Membership (or Join!) Now At PIHRA, our goal is to give you the fuel you need to stay informed, compliant, and moving forward in your career. That means rolling out new content and tools designed to help you navigate our constantly evolving industry — and to keep offering
Ace Your Interview

Here are some helpful tips in order to succeed in landing your dream job today.

PIHRA Career Center Job Seeker Strategies

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The Value of a Human Resources Degree: Q&A with CAHR22 Keynote Dr. Mark Allen

Dr. Mark Allen sat down to share his background, insights on the current HR landscape, and the value of a Human Resources degree.

3 Top Threats Facing Talent Acquisition

Recruiting and hiring are among the biggest challenges facing HR professionals since the pandemic started. HR teams are doing their best to keep up with the changing dynamics, but there is no denying the shifts that have occurred in the employment landscape.