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A NEW HR Conversation on Diversity with Tiana Sanchez & Dr. Natalie Parks

Do you want to examine emerging issues on diversity and race and their impact on HR and organizational culture? View this COMPLIMENTARY session presented by Tiana Sanchez and special guest Dr. Natalie Parks, and read our in-depth interview for additional insights from these brilliant women.

Should you get HR Certified as a PHR or SPHR? Your Guide to HR Certification

Is HR certification worth it? How do you get started? Learn more about the PHR/SPHR credential offered by HRCI and how PIHRA can help you pass your certification exam.

Should you get HR Certified in California? Your Guide to HR Certification

Is HR certification worth it? Our ongoing guide to HR certification kicks off with the California Law HR Specialty Credential.

Get the Most Out of Your PIHRA Membership

The ultimate guide to getting the most out of your PIHRA membership has arrived! Explore the benefits you may be missing out on.

Inside PIHRA RealHR – Preventing HR Burnout & Empowering HR

Still not sure what this RealHR event is all about? In this video post, you’ll learn why this event exists, what it involves, and why you should be there.

Why We Need Better Tools to Prevent HR Burnout

Are you part of the 50% in HR that experience extreme stress at least once a month? Join us on March 5 to develop crucial tools to combat HR burnout.

You Can’t Work Here Anymore! And Other 2020 California Laws Impacting Employment Law Settlements

As the California discrimination, harassment and other labor and employment laws continue to rapidly change and evolve, so too are the laws impacting the settlement of these same claims.

2020 Updates for California Employee Handbooks

Make sure that your California employee handbooks reflect the newest 2020 laws governing dress codes, lactation accommodation, and organ donation leave.

You Will Have a Harassment Claim This Year – Now What?

Gain insight as to how attorneys view, analyze, and evaluate harassment claims – a far different vantage point from normal Human Resources trainings.

What Can Employers Do Now that Marijuana Use is Legal in California?

Marijuana use is now legal. Learn how California employers can maintain effective, legally enforceable drug-free policies at the PIHRA 2020 Legal Update.

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